Why entrepreneurs should start posting even before they launch !

You should start posting online the day you get bitten by the entrepreneurial bug !
If you wait to create a community when your product is ready for launch, you will waste valuable time. The secret is to promote and develop in parallel – not sequentially. Posting will help you learn what users want, so you can co-create with them; and it will also help you find domain experts and beta testers . It’s also great way of finding team members , and attracting the curiosity of investors, who will be able to track your progress ! The more you post, the better you will get, and this will allow you to position yourself as a thought leader.
What are you waiting for ?
And you don’t have to give away proprietary information , so don’t worry that other people will “steal” your idea !

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  1. Your blogs Always helped me…. I’m new to this industry and learning a lot from your experience. Just wish to get an assistance to speed up my understandings. Hope to hear back from you thank you……

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