Why are judges so biased against doctors ?

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The fact that the Judiciary has an appeals process means it acknowledges the fact that judges can make mistakes. This is why citizens can challenge their decision and ask a higher authority to review it.
Judges whose decisions are reversed have clearly made errors, but they are not labeled negligent, and neither are they punished, fined or jailed.
Judges are human, and so are doctors, so why can’t the judiciary use exactly the same compassionate principles when judging a doctor who has made a mistake of judgment.
Shouldn’t the same rules apply to doctors who make errors under conditions which are much tougher than what judges have to work under? Judges have all the time in the world to pass their orders and they can refer to law books. Doctors are dealing with human bodies in emergency situations, and they may not have all the information which they require, or the assistance or the equipment needed!

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