How to write your book

Most of us admire authors, and wish we could write a book as well. It’s not just a question of prestige – it’s the fact that all of us have a book within us, because there is so much wisdom we can share. Sadly, it dies with us, which is such a shame !
The good news it’s become much easier to self-publish a book today, so there’s really no excuse not to do this !
There are three basic approaches. The first is to start with a simple Idea , and then pad it. This is how you transform a magazine article into a book. This is the procedure which economists, journalists, professors and management consultants prefer , and this allows them to churn out book after book on a regular basis.
The other is to collect lots of data , based on research , and chip away what is not essential , till you reach the core of what you want to say !
This takes longer , but this is typically what scientists do when trying to explain the topic which they have spend their life doing research on when explaining it to the public. These are the books which have heft and depth !
The third method is the one all of us can use. This consists of compiling all your insights over time, and then compiling them into a book. This seems daunting , and you are likely to get brain freeze when you sit down to write in front of a blank page. The secret is to tell stories; on a daily basis; and then publish them online.
Share them on social media, so your users will give you feedback . The best ones will force you to think more carefully, so your writing will become even better, and your thoughts sharper.
Over time, you will have more than enough content which you have created to be able to craft into a book ! The good news is that there are lots of tools and editors which will help you shape your stories into a book.
And the best way to tell lots of stories on a daily basis is to keep a blog and publish them on your own website.
We’ll be happy to help you to do so – check out !

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