Why we invested in Callify.ai

At Malpani Ventures, one of the key things that we get excited by is the deep insight a founder brings to solving a particular problem. While there is no IP on insights, we have found that such insights can act as moats surrounding your business, providing you defense.

When Devang told us about his vision to change the way people snack, combined with the experience Parag brings in setting up efficient supply chains, we knew we wanted to work with Fab Box. When Janani shared her vision to set up contamination-free and infection-free zones across hospitals, labs, and homes, we knew we had to invest in Biomoneta.

We had been in touch with Chetan for over a year. When we reconnected with Chetan, we were floored by the unique insights he had on outbound calling: businesses make a huge number of calls every day, where a large part is a wasted effort, with the majority of the calls being false positives, which this leads to employees being overworked, and inefficient.

Chetan Indap – Founder & CEO of Callify.ai

He explained how Callify has been working with a number of large organizations in India to solve their outbound efforts in the space of recruitment. Today, the company has the who’s who of corporate India using their conversational calling bot to quickly reach out to thousands of candidates at the same time, get measured responses, and make informed decisions – all at the click of a button, within a few hours. The same effort, performed without the use of Callify’s software would take four times the amount of staff, and more than eight times the time.

Today, Callify.ai is proud to announce the closure of their seed round, led by Malpani Ventures, with participation from Venture CatalystsCalega VenturesChennai Angels, and Marwari Angel Network. We are excited to work with Chetan and his team in building this fantastic venture.

Team Callify: From Left: Avinash (Tech), Misha (Ex-Sales), Chetan (CEO), Sunny (Tech), Deepanti (Product), Poornima (Operations).

Why conversational calling, and why now?

Today a leading IT company hires more than 10,000 candidates in a calendar year. Considering their inbound, and outbound efforts, they reach out to over 50,000 candidates, screen over 30,000 resumes, interview over 20,000 candidates and eventually extend an offer letter to about 12,000 to fill these positions.

Callify’s software allows them to reach out to thousands of these candidates with the click of a button when the recruiter leaves their desk at 6 pm on Monday. The conversational engine records responses, convert the speech to text, ranks the responses in the order of 1-10, and helps the recruiter make informed decisions when they get back to their desk with a hot cup of coffee the next morning.

In today’s world where better decision making, in a short amount of time is vital for the success of an organization, Callify aims to support the organizations achieve more in lesser time, at a lower than legacy costs. Gone are the days organizations want to spend human and financial resources on sunk costs – today’s resources are better allocated towards Learning & Development – something Callify provides the liberty to do.

We are very excited to start this new journey with Callify, and wish the team our best in their quest for success!

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