Why investors challenge entrepreneurs

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Some entrepreneurs get offended when we cross question them after listening to their pitch.

They rightly believe that they have far more domain expertise than we do, so who are we to try to poke holes in their business plan?

The reason we probe and question entrepreneurs is not because we think we are smarter than they are ! We often just want to see how well they are able to respond to our objections and doubts . Customers are going to have these as well , and this helps us to assess their ability to be able to think on their feet .

Please don’t get put off by investor’s questions , even if they seem very basic. In fact , you should worry a lot more if he doesn’t ask any questions, because this means is not interested in engaging with you.

Questions are actually a sign of respect and interest ! We see some value in what you are doing , and now it’s up to you to be able to convince us that you can find the right answers

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