Why doctors make irrational decisions during this Pandemic

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Sadly, many doctors continue to make the wrong decisions during this Coronavirus Pandemic
● Sometimes, clinical ritualism is “de rigueur”.
● Sometimes, decisions are dictated by the defensive practice of medicine. Physicians may wish to avoid lawsuits. They may also “over- immunize”
● “Something must be done ” often rules. There is the art of doing nothing and the art of waiting. An old surgical saying holds that “it takes two years to get into the abdomen and twenty years to learn to stay out.”
● Sometimes decisions are made without taking into account epidemiological information and methods.
● Politically motivated decisions leave them helpless, and they are forced to toe the line
● Some decisions are dictated by extraneous power and/or justified socially, historically, culturally, or by faith.
● Simple blind willingness to please decisions are still made. Anything that pleases the patient, the physician, and/or the onlookers or any parties connected to the patient may take precedence over rational decision making.
From the book, ‘A Primer on Clinical Experience in Medicine’ by Milos Jenicek

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