Why do we feel proud mollycoddling our children?

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If we want our children to become independent self-learners, we need to cut the apron strings!

A parent wrote – It’s all very well for you to talk about allowing students to learn for themselves , but until I feel that I have earned enough money for the next generation, I cannot allow my child to wander around , trying to find what they love most , so they can do that! Out of my love, affection & parental responsibilities , I will choose what I think is best for their secured future, so that I can die peacefully.

Sadly, this is the attitude which plagues our education system. Because parents was to die peacefully, they push their children into scoring high marks , so they can secure a cushy job. They delude themselves that they have made their child’s life secure by helping to “educate” them.

The tragedy is that they don’t mind making their children’s lives miserable in the bargain, just so they can earn a living doing a job which they hate ?

I don’t think they will be grateful for this short sighted approach.Let them fend for themselves – they will do a far better job if you treat them as independent humans who can make their own decisions !

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