Why are Modiji Bhakts so touchy?

The majority of Modiji Bhakts who troll me seem to be NRIs who are completely disconnected from ground reality in India, or fake accounts!

What’s your experience been?

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3 thoughts

  1. Majority of the people in India voted for a progressive government as I did. Atleast that’s what I believe. We all voted mostly against the INC lead UPA rather than Modi.
    A weak opposition is always a bigger threat than a weak government. That has been proved once again.
    India, which is thought to be the biggest democracy of the world is no where near the real democracy. Even the media and judiciary is rigged.
    What else do you need to prove it to be a draconian government.
    I was a staunch supporter of Modi Govt as I hail from Bengal, which I thought had a draconian government and a draconian head of state in the form.of Didi.. but know I was so wrong.. Modi is even a bigger threat… Ironically I voted for both of them to get rid of the incumbent rulers for a better future..

  2. You are bringing people on this shitty website for what could have been status on LinkedIn or a tweet? You should rot in hell.

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