Did I make a mistake by voting for Modiji?

I had I hopes when Modiji became PM, but those have evaporated.

I wonder if Modiji has more ex-Bhakts than Bhakts ?
Part of the problem is that there isn’t any viable alternative , so he seems to be someone we are stuck with for now !

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  1. Ex-bhakt!!!! Now I see not just mismanagement of Corona and Economy, I can also see a lurking fascist in this type of leader. Imagine, he did not take a single press conference which is open for questioning!!!

  2. Totally useless government with Jumla. Lot of empty promises to the public. Since there is no alternative, he is able to survive.

    He has done nothing for employees or employers in this perilous situation.

  3. I was very optimistic when he took over on 2014 with high hopes for a better and developed India but where we are now ….. but we don’t have any other options as opposition is dying literally without any leaders and this party is making sure to bring all under them with money power. We are slowly moving towards dictatorship

  4. No viable alternative? That’s the lamest excuse.

    Absolutely *anyone* else would’ve been much better. That includes Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Mamta Banerjee etc. Since they don’t have the god-like image, they would’ve been more pragmatic in their approach, and would’ve used expert help.

    Current govt has too little brain, too little humility, and too much arrogance.

  5. look at his team…..top 3 oldies and expert dead….and who were inducted….manoj tiwari, etc all singers and actors…. not economists or experts …..whom did he made finance minister …someone with very little experience, who was made education minister ..smriti irani….hence no one to warn at begining of pandemic……he was sending planes and only checking temperature at airport…..i wonder if he knows what pandemics means…what cyber warfare is ….etc.

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