The commonest side-effect caused by Coronavirus

Even though this symptom is so prevalent, it’s one which everyone seems to have missed – partly because it has become so ubiquitous that we have taken it for granted ! This is the disease of Coronavirus-induced Testits – the abuse, overuse and misuse of medical tests to prevent screen , prevent, monitor and treat the disease !
While the desire to order medical tests has become a major epidemic today, this has been considerably exacerbated by this “deadly” virus. This is because bureaucrats and politicians order doctors as to when to order tests. And because all they understand is paperwork and test results, they believe that the more the tests which are done, the better they will be able to control this dreaded epidemic !
Administrators love numbers and paperwork – the more, the better ! They don’t understand symptoms or signs or clinical medicine, but statistics and forms are right up their alley, which is why they enjoy creating lots of them, even though they are completely meaningless !
The tragedy is that this wastes money and time and resources . Doctors become mindless puppets, and patients are the ones who end up suffering !
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