Putting Education before Profits

EduTech startups such as Byju’s and Toppr are leveraging technology in order to reach out to as many students as possible .
Sadly they are doing this primarily in order to generate profits.
We need to provide students with a better alternative !
These EduTech entrepreneurs have combined domain expertise , money and technology to make tons of money .
And this is now being fueled by investors who want to make even more – at the expense of students !
How can an entrepreneur who has his heart in the right place , and is more interested in creating value for students rather than in making money , use the same 3 building blocks ?
This social impact startup will have a huge competitive edge , because you will be able to combine financial capital with human capital and social capital !
If you think you are the right person to drive this, please reach out to me .
I would like to find someone who’s been in this field for at least 10 years , and has created tangible impact, . You should have enough hands on experience to know exactly what works in India , and what does not, and be willing to grow sustainably, and patiently.
If you want to scale up digitally, please reach out to me for funding.
My email is mapani@malpaniventures.com

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