Healing the Indian education system

I am hunting for social impact entrepreneurs to fund who can make
Learning @Home a reality .
The most important teacher for a child are his parents , and we need to give parents the tools so they can help them to become self learners .
The most basic unit of a Curriculum is a lesson plan , and while it’s heartening to see how many NGOs in India have created high quality tools to enable students to learn for themselves, the tragedy is that they have not been able to let people know about the good work they have been doing silently for so many years.
The one thing they can learn from EduTech startups like Byju’s is how not to mis-sell !
Actually, they have a huge edge because they don’t have much money, which means they need to be creative and frugal . They will have to depend on word of mouth marketing, which is the best kind there is because it does not need them to burn cash to acquire customers.
They won’t need to waste money on hiring an army of sales-people to mis-sell their product, because their customers will act as their brand ambassadors and evangelists.
Because they aren’t trying to sell a product but are doing it because they care for students , they have a lot of goodwill in the community , and need to tap into this intelligently.
A small proportion of people will be happy to pay because they are getting value from this service, an hopefully this will be enough to make the service scaleable and sustainable.
Their ability to create buzz is huge, because their heart is in the right place- they care about putting students first, and not making money !
They have been doing great work for many years, which means they have the credibility and domain expertise to succeed. How all they need to do is to use digital tools intelligently to amplify their impact !

Here is the overall business plan.

Learning@Home will be a Learnopedia, which will provide links to curated content , which is mapped to the syllabus. It is designed to encourage self-learning, and Peer to peer learning. It will also offer a blended model for those who want more physical interaction, in the form of an AirBnB for Learning classes in the community, so we can combine the best of both worlds.
Any takers ?
Please email me your business plan .
My email is malpani@malpaniventures.com !

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  1. We have started working on this three years back and look at teacher as facilitator getting parents to involve in learning process. Co-created most of the stuff with aided schools. Today we host 13000 active students and 1200 students. But it need money to support them in meaningful way..

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