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The level of detail in the Zomato DRHP vs DoorDash S-1 filing

While researching the Zomato DRHP, we were surprised to see the level of inspiration drawn from DoorDash’s S-1 filing and yet DoorDash provides additional details & metrics to better analyse the business! (DoorDash is the market leader for food delivery in the US) What do you think about the level of detail provided by Indian companies while listing?

Check out how Zomato describes its cohort growth vs the level of detail provided by DoorDash

The financials, contribution margin and money made by each member of the ecosystem is also evident through the DoorDash S-1 filing:

Transparent financials with clear insights into vectors of growth are signs of robust business! We, at Malpani Ventures, encourage our founders to identify and define select metrics which must be rigorously tracked across all times – good & bad.

If you are of the same view as us and are building a robust business for the future, do write in to either Dhruv or Siddharth 

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