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  1. ?? probably the very reason for its urgency to float an IPO. Wondering why its floating such a small percentage of its shares publicly. It should extract more value from the public while it still exists!

  2. The introduction of solid state battery will make EV mainstream, maybe another five years.. But still this will impact only 30 percent of oil market… Fusion engines for aeroplanes and fighter jets will be death blow for all fossil fuels, atleast two decades or more for that… 

    1. You need to do a little research. That was available yesterday sir. Ultra high capacity and wireless delivery systems of energy for all forms of transportation are available. Achieve higer clearance #QuantumCoreEngines

  3. With oil prices falling and the region being highly unstable, same with pricing situation it will worth a watch what happens to the investment. Valuation is one part, being able to sustain and deliver on investment is important and other part

  4. #EVERYTHING #EV..They didn’t get the memo?? 7.7m 55gal. Paperweights.
    The value that awaits upon your digital conversion makes your lifetime petroleum values look like pennies. #Truth

  5. Fascinating. Anyone involved in valuation knows that value is in the eye of the beholder. It ultimately depends on who the stakeholders are, why they buy it, how liquid it is, how it is managed, what they think the lifetime value of the income stream will be and what the potential capital gains will be.
    Will the underwriters buy in and how much money will go in.
    It will be an interesting roadshow as they go to “sell” the company.
    It would be interesting to compare it to all the other major oil companies and be more valuable than all the other top companies combined

  6. Dr Aniruddha Malpani, so Saudi Aramco, thereby, becomes the 4th company which joins the exclusive Club of $1 Trillion dollar companies.
    This hallowed list includes – 
    1. Apple – August 2018
    2. Amazon – September 2018
    3. Microsoft – April 2019
    4. Aramco – November 2019

  7. If by spreading ownership of dinosaur via an IPO, the dinosaur can live longer, if not become immortal, but can surely have a much higher chance of survival, may be even become a phoenix. It also gives the dinosaur much better risk spread and innovation funding, if it chooses to diversify its old ways into the future. This is lobbyable geopolitics more than just pure finance and I see nothing wrong with it because all owners want the best for their ownership. If the world finds value in what is being sold, it will be sold. It tells us more about the world, than about the seller.

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