How to get customer buy in

As an entrepreneur , it’s very easy to fall in love with your product.
You want to add more bells and whistles , to increase its capabilities.
You love playing with the newest tech, in order to make you product cooler !
However , this is often a mistake , because the value of your product does not lie in what you want it to do , but what your customer wants it to do !
Release your product as soon as the core stars working, and get your customers to become beta testers. If you are nice to them, they can become co-creators as well !
The secret is to provide barebones functionality, and then wireframe all the additional bells and whistles . Then see what excites him , and offer to implement this. Once he sees that it’s his idea which you have implemented, he will be much more likely to become a brand ambassador, because he now has a sense of ownership.
Try this out and tell me how this strategy works for you !

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