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Being a first time entrepreneur can be very intimidating .
It’s a bit like going abroad , because everything is so unfamiliar , and you don’t understand the language . It’s very easy to burn your fingers, because there are lots of predators around to take advantage of your immaturity and naivete.
This is a foreign land , which is filled with new norms , new jargon , and new traditions . It can be hard to find your way in a new location if you don’t know how to ask and where to look . It’s easy to get lost without a map and a GPS.
The good news is that this pain can be avoided with a little help and guidance, and the saving grace for most new entrepreneurs in the numerous fellow entrepreneurs who have travelled the same path you are on.
Check out !
Please remember that you are not alone in your struggle !
Ask for help – and please offer it as well.
This is the only way the ecosystem will grow – if we take care of each other.
Entrepreneurship can be a life-changing experience , and the good news is that you don’t have to do it all by yourself

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