How to become a LinkedIn Influencer

If you want to stand out on LinkedIn, you need to start publishing posts !

The secret is to publish small frequent posts. You don’t have to write long thoughtful articles, and in fact short and sweet is better for social media platforms, because content has a short half life .

Add images to your posts – these attract attention, so take advantage of this.

Be patient – it takes time to build a following, but there’s no rush is there ? This is an investment in your career and will pay huge long-term dividends.

The more often you post, the better you will get at creating memorable posts, based on the feedback you get from your readers.

This is a skill which improves with time and practice, like any other skill !

And if you aren’t sure what to write about , just talk about your daily memorable experiences at the end of the day , and transcribe these. There are lots of free speech to text tools available online – use these !

While you may not be an expert on everything, you are the expert on your life, so don’t underestimate your skills.

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