How Byju’s is spreading the rot in our education system

The reason our education system has become rotten to the core is that we assume that children need tuitions in order to do well in school and to score high marks in their exams so they can do well in life.
It’s this mindset which apps like Byju’s exploit to mint money at the expense of poorly informed, fearful parents. And while it’s true that Byju’s didn’t create this broken system, they are definitely guilty for growing this desperation on the part of parents to spoonfeed children through their advertising campaigns and high-pressure sales techniques.
The best parents are not those to send their children to tuition classes, or by over-priced edu-tech apps for them. It’s those who help their children to learn for themselves !
You are their best teacher, because you care the most for him – far more than any teacher ever would !
The the good news is you don’t need to be an expert on calculus to teach your child all about integrals !
There are lots of free high quality resources on YouTube and Khan Academy!
Please stop spoonfeeding your child ! Just like he learnt to walk and talk for himself, he can learn any subject he wants to on his own – you just need to support and encourage him.

It’s the assumption that he needs tuitions which is flawed. This is corrupting our education system!

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  1. It’s the broken school academics that’s given way to increasing tuition /coaching culture. We will have to device novel pedagogic models to reinstate parent’s eroded trust in schools.

  2. This is so true…. overtime will Edtech companies vision to replace school teachers??make children hooked onto digital screens?Instead of improving the quality of education (teacher credibility) at school level both in rural and urban India which is the root cause,parents are forced to give their children so called better learning through Edtech platforms.Children learn through so many different ques and virtual isn’t the way that’s required.Our generation had studied the old way and aren’t we talented and knowledgeable?

  3. Let me put forward the voice of a Cynic. For some reasons, by design or by default, the governments wish to absolve themselves of all basic responsibilities – education, health care, safety of citizens. Schools are allowed to rot till citizens take charge of the educations of their wards either through private schools or tuitions or whatever. Imagine all the rotten government schools sitting on prime real estate all over India. How beautiful it will be to give them to private school (read – real estate) developers in PPP mode who will bring modern technologies, smart class rooms and online learning tools. Children will come to school only for certain subjects, these new schools then can take in three to five times the number of students they can take now !
    Blaming Byju is no point. He sees an opportunity and is providing a service. Would you blame Fortis or Appolo or SIS for providing healthcare or security services?

  4. I can vouch for this. I work at BYju’s as a BDA( Business Development Associate). We have so much pressure to get x # of subscribers per month, that we resort to sell 25k subscription to families that earn as low as 5k per month. I feel guilty at times. For my deeds, will God forgive me? I hope everyone realises that self learning is the best skill.

  5. Don’t you think if a teacher is having a great knowledge he/she can sell that too to earn his/her bread and butter, or you have created ample of teacher job vacancies in this education school system that you are talking about or do you also have any solution for lacks of employees who’ll face unemployment if Byju’s and other edu-tech go off

  6. I don’t see anything wrong . If not byjus parents would opt for some offline alternatives . I think byjus is helping students to understand topics in a better way through graphical and video representations , It is using the topmost technology in teaching . I agree it is overpriced though .

  7. More the involvement of the students, more effective is the learning.
    Online learning can be a boon if used properly. It saves a lots of energy, time and also sets aside most of the hazards of the coaching places!
    While teaching online, the #Involvement_of_the_students in the #Teaching_Process is the #KEY_Factor for ensuring effective learning at their ends!
    Years back, I had devised a very specialised technique of teaching which I then called #Inventive_Corrective Method. Now when I have started #online_teaching, I found that method perfectly suitable for online teaching as it draws lots attention of the learner! It definitely #ensures_better_involvement of each participanting student.
    One more point (and it is also important for even offline teaching) before starting a physics course the student must be assessed for their mathematical prerequisites fir physics. In 90% cases, mathematical supplements is needed before physics starts!

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