Why our approach to startup investing is so different

Every investor claims they are founder-friendly, but the process we follow when we engage with entrepreneurs is very different from what other investors do.
And because it’s different, many founders are uncomfortable with it, because they expect all investors to behave the same way.
While most investors try to process applications as quickly as possible,
our approach is to try to add value to the entrepreneur every time we engage with them. And this is true, not just after we fund them , but before we invest in them as well.
This is why we try to give them intelligent feedback . We take the time and trouble to understand their business model , so we can help them to improve their customer retention and their user experience. Because we can take a 30,000, foot view, we act like McKinsey consultants – for free !

We are happy to help the founder to succeed, irrespective of whether we actually invest in them or not. We think this is good Karma, and we care about out our reputation !
Because this is time consuming and energy-intensive, this kind of in-depth analysis is not something which most investors bother to do. We take pride in doing this , because we think this is one of our strengths . It allows us to differentiate ourselves from other investors , because we’re happy to go deep, rather than adopt a spray and pray approach.

We want to assess whether the entrepreneur understands the value we bring to the table before signing the check , because then this is much more likely to be a fruitful relationship , based on mutual trust and respect.

We are very happy to be open and transparent about our process , and you can read more about this on our website at www.malpaniventures.com

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