Why does Byju’s abuse its employees ?

Just received another email about what it’s like working at Byju’s.

Recently I saw your posts regarding the toxic work culture of Byju’s. Those mentioned are on point and I must appreciate you for telling the truth!
First of all, I’ve been an employee with Byju’s for just 3 weeks. 2 weeks of training and 1 week of sales. I’ve never seen such a nasty company before. The 10LPA package is what attracts most of of the people! (7 fixed and 3 variable) Seeing this many students apply and they select them in mass quantity.
As you mentioned it’s a pump and dump scenario. First 2 months they are only given 25K. The new trainees need to sell at least 6 lakhs per month in order to be a permanent employee. i.e. BDA. 3/4th of people won’t achieve the target and they continue to give them 25K or tell them to quit if they don’t want to continue. So the 10LPA is just a scam! It’s not monthly target, but weekly targets.
You need to sell at least 30K product per day in order to achieve 6lpa target. Hence these sales associate try to scam parents by deceiving them. The sales associate misrepresent themselves as an educational counsellor or a mentor. They try to increase the rapport first by taking to students and parents. Then comes the real scam part. They ask questions to kids and makes sure that he/she doesn’t answer them, and that’s when the pitch starts about the product. You tell them that the school wala education is of no use as students can’t distinguish between concepts in real life. Thus parents and their kids get demotivated and finally agree for the product. You need to clock in 2 hours of call time each day or else you get LOP.┬áMondays and Tuesdays are officially leave!
But wait, who would take leave when they need to achieve their unrealistic targets! And about the pricing, the price displayed for 1 year class is 25K without tablet. As a sales associate u need to sell at 20K and tell them that you’re getting 5K off. Also, we can sell them by giving another discount as fee waiver of 30% bringing it to 14K depending on the customer.
There is no work life balance in Byju’s. Not even life. This is the reason why many new employees abscond within 1-2 months.

Does this mean that just because you are a unicorn you can treat your employees badly ?
This is the first job for many of these young graduates. Imagine the amount of emotional scarring this abuse must be causing, because they are young and impressionable !
This loss of self-esteem can cause irreparable harm, because they assume they aren’t being able to perform because of their incompetence !
And they are too scared to leave, because they desperately need the money !
What are we doing to our next generation ?
We should all hand our heads in shame !

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  1. Byjus reminds me of another toxic company I have worked with.

    This is another education behemoth to come out of Mumbai. They were earlier known as (Mahesh Tutorials).

    Chances are you might have heard of MT Educate. They were tooted as the next big thing. But fizzled out in their lust for money.

    Same case.

    Numbers mattered more to them than children and the education. The sales & office staff are overworked with sales numbers and coaching center duties that just keep piling up.

    The attrition rate is so high. But the emotional trauma you suffer at the hands of your bosses just kills you as a human from within.

    In this craze for money, they forget the noble profession they are in and focus on just counting the notes.

  2. Our education system is already a mess. The giants like Byju were supposed to positively fill this gap. But they are misusing the need of parents for a better education system.

  3. Very sad!! Sir, there are many such publications who provide textbook and references to CBSE schools. Pls. Write on them also.. XSEED eductaion, blackswan etc. How they work? Or any study on this?

  4. Nice to read all these things. I believe more than anything else in any sector be it education, telecom etc. etc. there must be a way that the customer is empowered to choose wisely and encourage and support the one that’s really adding value vs the one who simply tries to hard sell products that are useless for the customer. So the counter strategy for this abuse would be to educate parents about the ill effects of this kind of education and how and why this needn’t be a must have as the sales person would have them believe. I think it’s an important part of education itself which children should be thought right from the start how not to get influenced by people who will cause you to make miscalculations and make bad decisions. The world is full of such people.

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