Why do parents waste money on Edutech apps like Byju’s ?

We love complaining that our education system is broken. We feel trapped and helpless, because we don’t want our children to be left behind, which is why we send them to tuition classes and buy Edutech apps like Byju’s for them.

The problem is that education has become a money-making business. Tuition classes have created the perception that without coaching , your students will never be able to compete with their peers. However, as a parent, your responsibility is to help your children to learn for themselves – to study on their own and think for themselves !

The good news is that change starts one at a time, from home ! There are plenty of excellent free online learning resources, so you don’t need to become an expert on calculus to teach integrals to your child. Show her how to search for the right resources, and let her explore for herself. Children are learning machines, and the best way to reinforce what they learn is to get them to teach you !
As an adult, you are mature enough to know that academic success doesn’t correlate with success in real life.
f you stop obsessing about your children’s exam marks, the problem will automatically disappear ! After all, you are the ones who pay for the tuition classes and the apps , and if you refuse to do so , they will wither away !

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  1. There are free resources but just like everywhere its flooded with materials some of which lacks quality.
    I feel an edtech must provide quality materials instead of simply running a busines

  2. As a support app its good but pricy. many topics are tricky/lenghty and school teachers fail to teach properly and some times students forget to take notes. So recorded chapter are must. Bjyu should start school or collab like khan academy so that there is similarity in content. But its over priced and some tutorials in english accent on youtube are too good. Plus cuemath and cumon are also important. But all these are due to schools not modernising. Now they are doing. Either byju will reduce price ….or bring in virtual reality and 3d in learning.

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