Why did Byju’s lose its path ?

Why has Byju’s not tried to fix a broken education system ?
No, I have nothing against them , and have never met the founder. Please remember that this is not personal !
And I have no regrets that I didn’t invest in them because I am not hunting for unicorns – I want to fund companies which can have a positive impact on society .
This is the reason that the path which Byju’s has taken breaks my heart.
I feel sorry that Byju’s has frittered the ability to reinvent the way students learn in our country. They have sacrificed purpose in the pursuit of profits , and this causes me a lot of angst.
It’s not that I don’t like Byju’s , or think they shouldn’t be earning money. It;s rather that I feel sorry that Indian students are getting such a raw deal , thanks to them.
I hope this will be treated as constructive feedback , but even if Byju’s chooses to ignore it because of their investor’s financial compulsions . I do hope other edutech entrepreneurs will can take the ball and run with it , so that our country has a brighter future !

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  1. In Indian ecosystem of startups, the idea is some where lost or changed during the adaptation phase, best example is Zomato it started from restaurant listing to now food delivery chain same is happening with Oyo. They have started creating their own properties. During this adaptation phase original idea and vision of founders is lost the focus shift from good product to scalable and profitable product, the pressure from investors grow and idea die somewhere in the journey.

  2. Definitley it is possible with people having passion towards learning. They know the real joy of learning and how interesting the things will be if one start learning them from different perspect than currently following. These passionate learners has the potential to make students feel the same joy and curiousity in learning.
    We are in that process of finding those passionate people who can ignite the students. Hope we will find them and change our system from marks or rank based learning to focusing on innovation oriented concepts learning.

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