Why blame private hospitals?

During this coronavirus crisis, private hospitals have become popular whipping boys because they are being pictured as being greedy by the media.
Politicians and the Judiciary take great pleasure in announcing populist measures such as capping prices , but the underlying problem is that our Public Healthcare system is rotten.
Even though citizens have a right to healthcare, we just pay lip-service to this idea.
The government has failed to provide decent Healthcare facilities , and the Center and State keep on passing the buck to each other.
Today, it’s become fashionable to blame private hospitals for profiteering, but we need to do a root cause analysis.
Unless we make it compulsory for all politicians and bureaucrats to take treatment exclusively in government hospitals , this situation will never improve .
We will continue lurching from one epidemic to another !
The government needs to put its money where its mouth is , and not just make empty announcements, appoint committees and coin fancy slogans.

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