The problem with Byju’s

The problem with Edutech apps like Byju’s is that they commoditise education.

The only goal seems to be to help students score higher marks.

This kills their motivation to learn, squelches their curiosity, kills their creativity, and teaches them to rote-learn and parrot answers!

Instead of making learning fun, we are creating an army of mindless dumb automatons, who will only be able to get high marks in their tests.

Is this what we want for our children?

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3 thoughts

  1. I guess you are hinting to the biggest problem of India – it’s education and circus of entrance exams. Now coming to Byju- they are solving the problem posed by parents/society and doing business just like any other business houses in India.
    I strongly believe that there exists a tribe of parents who wants what you have mentioned and genuinely needed to build a good society and powerful country.

  2. I second the thought of Mr. Gurinder.

    People forget that if their kids has the opportunity to try lots of different fun activities while learning, it gives them lots of ways to learn and chances to practice what they are learning. For example, it’s important for kids to have activities that are inside and outside, physically active or quiet, free play or more structured.

    Most of the parents these day’s want their kids to be a result oriented achievers, example if your are at “rank 1 / Grade A” your the best, the same practice is followed in out country, for an instance I remember my teachers choosing the A grade students as class leaders/ Mentors and others have to obey their orders.

    Kids have to learn :

    How to Question.?
    How to Learn from Failures..?
    How to innovate ..?
    how to find an alternates solution.?

    We should start Preparing our kids to continue learning throughout their lives, these can be thought on the daily activities.

    Our economy and society are changing fast, jobs of the future mostly don’t exist yet and so the people who are most likely to thrive are the ones who are prepared to continually adopt and grow.

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