How Byju’s cheats parents

The ByjuCon

Byjus is Arindam Chaudhari 2.0. The Same Arindam Chaudhari with pony tail brand of baiting the Average and Below Average by promising them the sun, the moon and the stars. People have filed 1000s of cases against him. First off are the exhorbitant charges. Like Chaudhari – they too give you a Laptop and charge you almost Rs. 1.5 Lakhs for Classes I – Class III. Thats 50,000/- for a year but like a Vegetable Market if you choose the three year package – you get it for Rs. 90,000/-.

Likewise as you go to a higher class- you pay a higher sum. For taking their package upto Class X – you pay Rs. 2 Lakhs flat. (From 4th to 10th).

And you have different combinations for 11th and 12th – beginning from Rs. 70,000/- to Rs. 1,80,000/- plus horrendous fees for English and Hindi alone (Around 80,000/-)

Plus Rs. 5000/- for a Test Series
Plus Rs. 45,000/- for Crash Courses.

So the charges are huge. Almost equivalent to school fees and in many cases higher than what schools charge – at least in Tamilnadu.

Now are there any serious benefits?

Unless Byjus has a direct line to the Goddess Kaali and can give divine blessings to the students – the answer is NO

Average Students will continue to be Average. Below Average students will continue to be below Average.

Most of the IIT Toppers are Toppers for two reasons – One reason of course if that they work hard but the other reason is THEY ARE INTELLIGENT.

You cannot bring an Average guy and make him an IIT Topper just by offering a glitzy course with glossy pamphlets.

I speak with examples of course.

A Neighbor of mine – enrolled her kid who scored 63% marks in Class X to the 11th and 12th plan of Byjus. Apparently the woman assured her that the Kid was intelligent and should go to the Science group and that their system would take care of any chinks. She spoke so well that this woman literally handed over her child to Byjus like you did in the old days – handing your child to a guru in a gurukul.

The Kids marks did not improve. He worked hard but to no avail. Supposedly there was a counsellor but he was a half baked fellow himself – who kept telling the kid to mutter this shloka and that.

The Woman shelled out Rs. 1.90 Lakhs to Byjus (Her SBI Credit or Debit Card was used every time) and each time she came to pay the money – there would be promises –

‘He just has to overcome his tension’ ; ‘He just has to concentrate’;’He is a very bright student but…’

Meanwhile the Kids Maths Teacher literally told the mother “Your son is very average. He simply cannot study in the Science Group. Please place him somewhere – where he can relax and do well”

Eventually the Kid secured 68% in Class XII with 59 marks in Mathematics. The Mother was distraught and requested my wife to ask me to come with her to Byjus. Apparently Byjus had promised the mother that if the Kid did not get less than 75% , they would give him 12th coaching again free of cost or would refund some money or a lot of money (Not sure how much).

So we went and immediately the woman got some other schmuck wearing a shirt and tie who gave a card to us – and began his slick lies. He brought up some report card and said the kid was this and that (Which the mother had never heard of before that day) and reluctantly refused to repeat the 12th Coaching again or give a refund.

The mother was in tears – and I realized there was nothing in writing. Just as we left – the Schmuck – came to us and told us “Sir! I can help you out. I can get the Kid a second chance at 40% discount and i can give you a one on one coaching”

Slowly more and more mothers – more and more of the same story.

They target the Average and Below Average Students

They charge exorbitant fees

Their teachers are selected from Schools and they get huge cuts and commissions for referrals. So a Teacher intentionally gives lower and lower marks to the student and “advises” the mother to send the child to a Tuition like Byjus

They promise the sun, the moon and the stars

Eventually unless you leak the paper – the Average Student and Below Average Student will continue to remain average and below average or if they do we’ll, it would be their own hard work not Byjus

When you go back angry – they will make excuses and send you home

Then i heard they are now valued at 88000 Crores !

I am Ashamed.

Why am i Ashamed?

Because our Country is a target for these so called “Educational Institutions” – to come and offer the world to the mediocre and suck their money and leave them dry and reeling.

In China – the Average is told he is average and is given an Average Job. He is happy.

In Singapore – the Average also gets an Average Job and is happy

In USA and India – the Average is promised that he is extraordinary and offered a course for huge fees promising the sun, the moon and the stars and after everything is finished – he gets ZILCH except a big loss of money or worse – a Loan from a private lender.

It is one of the Biggest Cons in the History of Indian Education

You want to do well :-

Assess your Intelligence
Find out your Range
Do the best that you can for your Range
However work as hard as possible to achieve the best in your range

So Byjus is not a slap on Indian Education System but a Slap on India and every Average Indian out there.

This is a WhatsApp forward I received – and every word is true !

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  1. The first thing I need to point out here is while some points in the above article are true some points I completely disagree with the way they’re presented like judging a kid to be an average. Scientific studies show that GROWTH MINDSET is something that can help you enhance a skill by believing that hard work and trying more the likelihood of success increases. Though it is true that there are certain banes that come from such companies like BYJU’s, the point to be made here should not be based on a biased judgement towards the whole company by considering one case.

  2. This kind of conmen will always flourish as long as gullible people are around, there is a saying “ A fool and his money are soon parted “ this is a typical Demand and supply theory, there is a smart crook and a ambitious parent who has money and wants his son/daughter to become a brilliant person in this world so it is very difficult to stop this kind of Arindam Choudharys and people like him who are born to cheat. People should become more judicious and accept their children as they are and find out their strengths and encourage them in that field.

  3. It is all about marketing your product. Is this any different from how Coke, Pepsi and many such companies market their bad for health products?

  4. I have some of my friends running coaching institutes. There target is always average students. For intelligent guys they don’t charge anything. In fact due to its scale Byjus got caught.

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