Do you want to help Indian children to become better learners ?

I want to try an experiment to help Indian students to learn better.
I want to give a grant of Rs 1 lakh each , with no strings attached, to ten entrepreneurs who have a missionary zeal to improve the education provided to Indian children.
You might say that Rs 1 lakh is peanuts , but I am looking for people who understand that being frugal is the way to go .
If you are smart , you can make Rs 1 lakh go a long way in India.
I don’t want founders who solve problems by throwing money at it !
And if you do a good job , then there is more dry powder where that money came from !
I am looking for people who have focus ; who have a can-do attitude ; who treat constraints as a spur to creativity; who understand how to get the biggest bang for their buck; and who want to grow this frugally and organically , so that it becomes scale-able and sustainable , and is not dependent on funding by investors with deep pockets.

My hypothesis is that if you add enough value , there are enough customers who will be happy to pay !

Prove to me that you have skin in the game ; that you have the right to win ; and that you have the character and competence to be able to pull this off !

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    1. Sir, education for kids is an area I am personally very concerned about and had done some groundwork myself, initially to start my own company. Let me know how to connect with you.

  1. Sir I’m an 18 year old guy from Pune, Maharshtra. I studied in a CBSE school till 10th grade then shifted to a Maharshtra state board college later. During all these years of trying to score well in all my exams I always thought – will scoring well in these exams secure my future? is this the right way to learn ? Do these these scores hold any importance in the real world ? And every time I came to a conclusion that this isn’t the right way to learn and that this education system wouldn’t help in any way to fulfill my ambitions. This biggest problem is- this education system doesn’t teach students to think or ponder upon topics they love. The only thing it does is to develop a herd mentality and make children like me a part of a never ending rat race . The solution? To provide children the choice of subjects or topics they would like to excel in. This shouldn’t be done with the help of textbooks or conventional learning methods, we need to give children practical knowledge, knowledge/skills that the they will need in the real world. Practical approach is the way to go! Let them think and grow! Learn by making mistakes, give them the freedom to make these mistakes and learn through them! Let’s teach them to think,that’s what great minds like Chanakya and Tagore wanted!

    1. Well! I’m in the crusade but I ‘m afraid, I have neither a website to flaunt,nor a company to claim as of now. But the time is ripe that I take my mission to stop education corporates spread their propaganda of international education and stop greedy individuals become teachers by including parents,who are the biggest stakeholders in a child’s development. Why to leave it on greed ridden bunch of pseudo specialists when learning is a self driven life long process? More than money, I need like minded people to stand with me for the cause.I am in the process of developing a platform for action.

  2. If you think I am capable of bringing about this change then I will be more than happy to be a part of this journey with you:) Hope you find me eligible to do this.

    1. Sir, We have idea for betterment in education for non – privilege student .We have dedicated team for working on it . If you believe pls give us appointment for further detail discussion. I am execited for this
      Thanks you

  3. Sir, We have idea for betterment in education for non – privilege student .We have dedicated team for working on it . If you believe pls give us appointment for further detail discussion. I am execited for this
    Thanks you

  4. yes I’m interested. Educating the children is my personal interest also and I’m doing as well. I want to contribute something in this specific area. I have gain knowledge and continue I’m thinking how I can transfer it to the childrens.

  5. Thank you for the opportunity Dr. Malpani!
    Can you please clarify some of the terms of this experiment?
    When you mean ‘kids’, do you mean k-12 or do you also include college students? Because I am working on providing value to college engineering students, to begin with. Lastly, what would be the judging criteria for this opportunity? And how long do we have to get traction to show you the results?

  6. Happy to find a like minded person who want to add value to education.
    I have been working to add values in the education via Prasang Vashistha Charitable Trust and Bakhal Pre school curriculum Developers.
    Money of course is not the criteria but bringing a change at the root level is the priority for me.
    I need many hands to take it forward to imbibe values, build character, build nation.
    Kindly refer fb pages of Prasang Vashistha Charitable Trust
    Bakhal Pre School Curriculum Developers.
    Renu Vashistha on LinkedIn

  7. We are Malviya Child Welfare Foundation, working in Varanasi since 2016, majorly funded on our pocket money.

    Problem: Children are entirely bound by their family’s socio-economic factors and the schooling model/methods of local schools (both private and government). The institutions failed to develop children as self-sufficient learners, low on the social wisdom to make decisions, vulnerable self-esteem and poor sense of self-worth, corrupted value system and poor integrity. Parents are not to be blamed, they spend more than 13 hours in wage labour.

    Solution: Our initiative began as tuitions for children in slums near BHU, Varanasi, as students’ initiative. Soon we realised that the root cause is not going to be solved merely with tuitions.
    We developed a holistic approach. An education model that addresses needs for the overall development of children building up-on 8 pillars for personal growth viz-
    Wisdom, Values, Attitude, Challenge, Skills, Responsibility, Creativity, and Knowledge. These pillars are structurally developed with specific components. These components are fulfilled through our programs and methods.
    What makes our approach unique?
    We are an entirely voluntary organization, funded by our pocket money, managed through collective intelligence through the participatory, non-hierarchical management system, serving 150 children in slums and villages in the outskirts of the city Varanasi.
    Our fundamental principle is participation. We involve children in designing our programs. Children participate in all functions that is developed for them. For example, Our bi-monthly magazine, Ankuran, ( is majorly planned and developed by children. These are the children who once were left to their fate in the slums they dwell in. They design the magazine. The role of ou volunteers is as facilitators.
    During the lockdown, our children made the decision on how would they like to continue classes. They figured out classes on the phone call (they have no access to smartphones). So our volunteers initiated the classes on the phone call. In the last two months, we’ve had 173 hours of on-call classes conducted regularly with weekly designed schedules.

    Our volunteers are college-going students of BHU. We are desperately looking for support to develop our model and scale it up in villages and urban schools and help the children in need. We hope for your long-term support.

    Kind Regards,

  8. We, at Mensa India Project Dhruv identify and nurture high IQ underprivileged children. We move them to good schools, take care of their health, provide mentorship and do everything that we can to help the achieve their potential.

    All donations are welcome.

  9. Dr Malpani
    I am starting an edutech venture to instill critical thinking ability in our students. Product development is on. I will reach out to you once some traction is achieved.
    Thank you

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