Why is the quality of health content on Indian hospital …

Why is the quality of health content on Indian hospital websites so poor ? Most Indian hospital websites have poor quality content. The website for Apollo Hospitals is a good example. Even though it claims to have won a lot of awards, the informational content which is provides for patients about their body and its diseases is very poor. They just have one section called Health Guide, which provides very limited and patchy information. Most of the website is all about Apollo, rather than about serving the information needs of the visitor – which is Marketing Sin # 1. Sadly, most other hospital websites are even worse ! The Fortis website just has a few health tips for patients – that’s all ! What a sharp contrast from US hospitals such as Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic website is packed with information for patients. This information is comprehensive, encyclopedic and easy to understand, so that users are likely to keep on going back to the website. What a great way of branding, marketing and creating value by providing what the patient wants ! Is it that the marketing departments of Indian hospitals don’t realise that their patients are going online to educate themselves ? If they provide this information, they will be able to create loyal patients very quickly and inexpensively ! Or is it that hospitals don’t respect their patients need for information ? Why do Indian hospitals force their patients to look elsewhere for this ? Why don’t they provide it themselves ? ,

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