Why Indian hospitals and healthcare companies need to provide high …

Why Indian hospitals and healthcare companies need to provide high quality online content to create loyalty Patients today use the internet extensively to research their treatment options and to find information about medical services and hospitals. How patients perceive your company ( and whether they will select you as their healthcare provider of choice) depends upon the quantity and quality of online content you provide. Sadly, Indian healthcare websites leave a lot to be desired. Writing high quality medical content specifically for patients can be a very difficult and time consuming to create – and licensing it from global companies can be very expensive. The good news is that you can now instantly license over 30000 pages of reliable updated trustworthy patient education content from the world leader in patient education, Healthwise Knowledgebase ! Go to www.informationtherapy.in to learn more about how HELP can bring this information to your organization ! You can see a demo of how we can white-label this for you at www.informationtherapy.in/healthwise.php This online content will allow you to : Engage with your patients Encourage them to call you as the provider of first choice Build trust Increase patient satisfaction Build loyalty and stickiness Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD Medical Director HELP – Health Education Library for People Excelsior Business Center, National Insurance Building, Ground Floor, Near Excelsior Cinema, 206, Dr.D.N Road, Mumbai 400001 Tel. No.:65952393/65952394 Helping patients to talk to doctors ! Information Therapy is the Best Prescription – www.informationtherapy.in ! ,

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