Why don’t we make functional jewelry? For example, we could include …

Why don’t we make functional jewelry? For example, we could include ear phones in ear rings! And microphones in necklaces? ,

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  1. If you are innovating on the concept of “necklace,” there’s really nowhere to go. Another commenter pointed out that jewelry has to match outfits. If you innovate on the concept of communications device, that can be made stylish and fashionable. An innovation has to hang on a core function or core principle, like the iPhone combines multiple communication and information functions in one device. A shoe may have a step counter added to it, but unless you’re in that old tv show Get Smart, you don’t add a phone. Bad guys in the movies sometimes add a poisoned blade, though, for an unexpected weapon, which they can add to kicking.

  2. Dr Aniruddha Malpani Good thought. Yet, people keep changing their rings and necklaces from time to time. If the idea is to include jewellery with tech, a non_invasive implant on a visible portion on the upper neck, below/beside the ear, which is linked to the dialect in the brain which enables users to hear anything including music, answer phone calls by firing similar waves into the synapses through the implant (only the user interfaces with the waves in their brain)(privacy on point)(almost telepathy). The implant can be coupled with diamonds, stones, that can be just clipped/inserted onto it by the user’s preferences every day.
    Comments, criticisms welcome. Would be honoured to hear others thoughts about this.

  3. Although it’s a 007 inspired idea. But soon it would be real. We only need batteries which can be charged using body heat. I remember there were some wrist watches which used to get charged using same technology.
    Sir, you have source and resource both. Why wait for anyone else.

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