Why don’t Indian doctors publish more ? Indian doctors have a …

Why don’t Indian doctors publish more ? Indian doctors have a well-deserved global reputation for their clinical skills. They are usually technically proficient, hard working and take pride in their professional skills. They are very busy and manage a huge clinical work load efficiently and effectively. However, the one thing they don’t do well is share their knowledge. This is sad. Even though they see lots of patients daily and have accumulated a lifetime’s worth of clinical wisdom, they rarely write about their experiences. Why don’t they document their experiences so others can learn from them, rather than carry their lifetime of clinical wisdom to the grave ? After all, they are good doctors and should be happy to display their proficiency and expertise to others ! Most have good English skills, because medicine is taught in English in India, so that communication in this international language should not be hard for them to master. Most importantly, doctors no longer need to write only for doctors ! Today, thanks to the web, writing for patients has become even more important – after all, this is a much larger audience – don’t forget that there are over 1000 patients for every doctor, and patients are thirsty for information ! The great thing about writing for the web is that this is a very democratic platform and there are no entry barriers. Everyone who wants to write can do so – you just have to want to do so ! Set up your own blog or website and start. Link ,

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