Why aren’t we learning how to manage the Coronavirus epidemic …

Why aren’t we learning how to manage the Coronavirus epidemic sensibly from Sweden? Why can’t our journalists see beyond New York and Italy? ,

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  1. We do not have testing equipment and we are not rich enough plus India is a large country! If people cannot make ends meet they are not afraid of Corona> Those who are well off have a lot to lose ! so we have a problem here ?

  2. Dr Aniruddha Malpani There is also another article in this talking about “ Bill Gates “ the dark lord. Interesting reading and could be a reality sooner then we know.

  3. Sweden is very high on innovation and is known to take different experimental routes which no other fallow.sweden is high on health care and people trust what government says and fallow it fully.proud to be part of Swedish startup company.

  4. Sweden has 1 CR population and we are at least 125 times bigger in number. So mortality and spread rate can be at min. 125 times ..can we afford that ? certainly not and we will then start talking and blaming Gov machinery as that’s quick to do, anyhow.
    Moreover, Sweden doesn’t have Jamati roaming & spitting around.
    So in short we shouldn’t compare apple to orange for the sake of doing it 🙂

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani Thank you !
      While efficient process is under discovery, I believe going by data & outcome even if it means fixes mindset 🙂
      Anyway, it was a good info what SPR is talking..

  5. I also read a paper on vaccines and making it compulsory for the masses going forward benefiting the state run corporations.
    They have destroyed the small businesses very badly. If karma does exists it will play out on them also

  6. What the hell is wrong with WHO? These ******* are responsible for the current state of the world.
    How the hell are they so sure that complete lockdowns are the only way to deal with this problem? The more I dive into this, the more I get convinced about an ugly China/WHO nexus.
    Go Sweden go! We need you to put an end to this madness around the world!

  7. The Swedish plan is to implement measurements that they can really practice for a long time. Social responsibility is another key asset with most of the swedes. Will it work-time will tell..!

  8. Bcaz if you show the truth sensationalism is over & sane people with start questioning the Govt. Also they too have to run the show till May 3rd….these parasite can survive in an atmosphere of choas & confusion. Dr Saab why are we not comparing the stimulus package being announced by these countries or for that matter compare their preparedness in terms of the lockdown vis a vis that of ours. Hunger, displacement etc etc. They act as per orders & I won’t be surprised when there will be a sudden dip in the new cases n the deaths….no questions or comparisons on PPEs & the % of tests vis a vis such countries…to sum it up it serves their narratives

  9. I think this data has been wrongly read. Sweden and India had their beginning around the same time. Sweden and India have similar confirmed infection rates. Death rates in Sweden are three times that of India. India has 136 times the population of Sweden. Lockdown matters!

    1. What’s more, both of Sweden’s immediate neighbours, Norway and Finland, have lockdowns in place and their infected counts and death tolls are far lower than Sweden. Many Swedish Scientists and Doctors are petitioning their govt to impose a lockdown.

    2. In Sweden we take recommendations quite seriously and we do not believe in total lockdown as people are responsible enough to respect personal space and social distancing for that matter is embedded in our culture. And our economy cannot afford a total lockdown and we are all working from home. So I completely agree with the article!

  10. Dr Aniruddha Malpani it generally makes no sense in relying purely on data for making decisions.. any decision maker has to look at how data interacts with systems… this is what is known as theory or more commonly a model..These models can then be used for appreciating key risks.. which in this case would be hospital demand forecasts.. till we don’t have such estimates the quality of decision will be substandard.. in this specific case fatalistic

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani true.. quality of data and model will eventually impact the quality of decision.. both are needed.. neither can prevail alone.. on an unrelated note a model can exist without data and often acts as a framework for data collection

  11. I think the great media across the world is cherry picking data : pick up the most sensational numbers : never mind consistent denominators, numbers or percentages around recovery, profile of the ill/ deceased, proportion, context, comparison with other diseases, climate, nothing at all. 2 countries/ situations are compared conveniently at times and comparisons are ridiculed at times. Stories around the implicit benefits of lockdown are played and replayed all over the world. Doesn’t make sense but it is sure working !

  12. There’s the other side of this argument, from a country that initially persisted with the now-discredited ‘herd immunity’ philosophy, till the penny dropped on March 23rd, 8.30pm.
    Below is the view from someone who knows a lot more than me on the subject. (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/apr/15/uk-government-coronavirus-science-who-advice). This ‘view’ contains multiple links that point to the research informing that view. I am producing the link to one of those. (https://www.imperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/sph/ide/gida-fellowships/Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf). But then, research is research, as I would have argued, so the numbers, in terms of hospital casualties that ultimately went on to validate that research, day by day, are as below. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8217477/UK-announces-813-coronavirus-deaths.html. The graphs and numbers can be found in the article.
    The lockdown, by slowing the spread of the infection, is stopping the critical care infrastructure of any country from breaking down, buying countries valuable time to get new PPE for medical staff, work on tests, vaccine research. In a multivariate LP problem, that is a good enough solution.

    1. Yes we must, backed by data. Between the 2 poles of ‘complete lockdown’ and ‘herd immunity’, there are a range of high-risk hybrid approaches, which focus on isolating hotspots and gradually opening up the less-infected areas, depending upon industrial priority. That’s the path India seems to have taken. If the outbreak at Dharavi, and political brinkmanship between the states are any indicator, that path is going to be severely challenged.

  13. Why can’t you see beyond Sweden? Anyway, Sweden is going to suffer soon, the mortality rate is already very high. The UK is already down that path, the herd immunity approach means more death. Lockdown worked in China, Singapore also did that now and almost every other country. It works.

  14. Because you have 1.3 billion people together. Do you have any ideia on how China co ntrol de virus? Look for videos and how many people China kill them selves to stop the contamination. Look and see the videos yourself and take your on conclusion.
    Best and be save!

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani I am not going to step to the next level.I know what I know. Well was a great chat here with you. You remember my father a lot. He probably read around 15.000 to 20.000 books in he’s life. Nice to meet you Sr. I have a great respect for yourself. Best and be safe.

  15. Sweden already has over 1200 dead and Swedish scientists and doctors are petitioning their govt for a lockdown.
    Meanwhile it’s immediate neighbours, Finland has 72 and Norway 145 dead at the time of writing this comment. Both have lockdowns in place and are going to lift them gradually.
    Obviously saving human lives is not sensible for you.

    1. Abhishek Ghosh Belgium has 4400 dead and is completely locked down.
      The question is not about deaths because no one knows how they are counted. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s a straight fact. In fact, I remember reading somewhere that even ICMR claims that the virus does not kill anyone by itself.
      There are a few very simple questions:
      1. If the virus has to spread anyway then how does a lockdown help when there are other physical distancing measures in place?
      2. How can lockdowns be used as a measure to ‘save’ lives when there is no way to escape the virus other than developing herd immunity? Doesn’t that ultimately mean that we will (sadly) have to lose some people everywhere the virus spreads?
      3. Is a ‘one size, fits all’ approach the best thing to do when clearly all countries, all states, and even all districts worldwide have their own dramatically varying curves?

    2. Sweden is FIGHTING with the goverments strategy and our own common sense, which means, we are not stupid!
      I myself, work daily with the Corona virus!!!!!!!
      Stay safe and healthy wherever you are and please think a little positive, that this is a fight for us all and everybody….. Dont judge anyone, fight instead!!!!! ❤️

  16. Sweden has one cr population . Plus they are the very few countries where u have the per capita household means each person living in their individual room is highest. Certainly not the case with india. Besides all these taking 10000 cases into the account close to 1000 death and 250 recovery makes Sweden strategy horribly horrendous and wrong. I think it is the most stupidest model to follow for any country.

  17. Well, I have been saying from day 1. My 74 year old mother, a doctor herself ..said in day 1 that the lockdown is useless and that the virus just cannot be very dangerous .. especially in India.

  18. Data shows Sweden is doing the worst amongst the Nordic countries. There is a sizeable of population who will die for no fault of theirs if not for lockdowns. Severity of lockdowns can be debated. Objective is to save lives vs reduce hardship. To save 4% of the lives 96% need to sacrifice, but the 4% high risk segment would be eternally grateful for the sacrifices made by the rest.

  19. Let’s side aside negativity …After this epidemic, we will come up with more innovative ideas . Traditional companies should have to forget traditional business model and acceptance of the VUCA world so, therefore more companies lead to change their business model by accepting digital technologies .we will get better culture , more productivity , more transformation of ideas in the organisation. Sir , I have followed you more than two years and the way you created a positive environment on our mind was remarkable ..let’s cheers for the positivity..Dr Aniruddha Malpani

  20. Dr Aniruddha Malpani Sir, the population density in Sweden is 62/sq.mile while it is 1200/sq.mile. It would be tough to restrict gathering to 50 ppl in India . Your thoughts? Data source – Google search

  21. “A self-motivated and well-informed population is usually far more powerful and effective than a policed, ignorant population.” – Yuval Harari. Difference between Sweden and the ones that need lockdown

  22. Dr Aniruddha Malpani we shouldnt create wrong references as things can be extremely counterintuitive while managing crisis.
    If sweden is an example of no-lockdown Japan is another example of very low testing momentum (509/m) that doesnt mean that low testing momentum works. Both Japan and sweden have been successful because they based their strategy on best understanding of their strength and challenges at hand.
    India must learn from global practices but theres no subsitute to a strategy based on local insights and customised tactics.

  23. Sweden’s closest neighbours, Norway and Finland have applied different strategy, and the situation there is comparatively better! Sweden’s approach is more similar to what UK and Netherlands stood for in early stage, but then UK has to change the strategy, but it was quite late then. So, population size maybe a crucial factor here, not journalists opinion. Nonetheless, Sweden’s approach has still a lot left to prove.

  24. Wow, a lot of discussion. My 2 cents: Each country need their own path. Doing it in our way in Sweden would have disasterous effects in most other countries. Ww 9, Swedish government did nothing. However 25% of the swedish population already started to stay at home. Ww10 10% of the kids were at home from schoold. Government did nothing. Ww 12 90% of retail/resturants business was gone. The government at that time ”recommeded” people to work from home. What would the numbers for schools/retail sales/restaurant revenues be in the US/UK/Italy/India with the same government response?

  25. Few days back, I saw on a TV channel about Hong Kong being successful without lockdown but through social distancing, tracing the contacts, isolating and quarantine.
    Implementing this model in India could however be extremely challenging.
    WHO may or may not be dominated by Bill Gates, but attaching malafide intent to someone who has donated almost all his wealth is not fair.

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