Use the Lockdown to free your children from the tyranny of rote learning !

The lockdown should have proven to parents that they didn’t need to send their children to school – they are very capable of learning for themselves, if you guide them and then leave them to their own devices.
However, all it is done is that instead of trapping them in classrooms, we have now trapped them in the ” digital classrooms at home” which schools have started, in order to continue charging their fees !
These are even worse than traditional classrooms, because they don’t even get a chance to meet their friends , or play games with them.
Edutech companies have taken this opportunity to push-sell their products , and sadly parents are falling for this by taking what appears to be a free trial , without realizing that these businesses are using this as a route for customer acquisition.
They have been brainwashed into believing that these are effective educational tools for their children , but all they are doing is ending up creating cages and stopping their children from learning for themselves

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