Top 10 mistakes that Doctors make in choosing medical …

Top 10 mistakes that Doctors make in choosing medical software Choosing which program to buy to run your medical practice has never been easy. Earlier , it was because there were very few programs available. Today, ironically, it is because there are too many ! Doctors are very confused as to which program they should buy – sometimes, too much choice can be as bad as too little ! Doctors have some special character traits which software producers need to be aware of ! To be able to treat a patient and be confident that your decision is right requires tremendous self confidence, which means doctors often have a big ego. Many take the approach that they are always right – even in a field like computer technology ! However, sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous , and often what doctors know about computers and software leaves a lot to be desired. Also, doctors are pressed for time, and hence their decisions are based on the fact that “anything that does not gel with me is going to hamper me”. Rather than try to improve their workflow with the help of computers, they’d rather stick to their old dysfunctional habits, even if this hampers their efficiency. Doctors who wish to enhance their practice and provide better care and service to their patients by using technology are on the right track. Unfortunately, they don’t always go about it the right way. Some of the important mistakes doctors make are highlighted below. 1. Wanting too many bells and whistles. 2. Acting like a bania. 3. Thinking someone else understand your business. 4. Losing sight of the basics – KISS. 5. Waiting for something better. 6. Thinking your staff shares your vision. 7. Not nurturing innovation. 8. Underestimating the complexity of your needs. 9. Delaying decisions. 10. Disregarding the hardware. 11. Not providing enough time for training. You can read the entire article at Link Aniruddha Malpani, MD Medical Director HELP – Health Education Library for People Excelsior Business Center, National Insurance Building, Ground Floor, Near Excelsior Cinema, 206, Dr.D.N Road, Mumbai 400001 Tel. No.:65952393/65952394 Helping patients to talk to doctors ! Information Therapy is the Best Prescription ! Read over 20 health books free at ,

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