The way Byju’s treats its employees makes it clear that …

The way Byju’s treats its employees makes it clear that it thinks of students ( and their parents) as cash cows to be milked ! It’s sad that it’s only reason for being in the education space is to make money ! Link ,

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  1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani sir. Fully agreed with your thoughts. Their work culture is perhaps the worst work culture i have ever seen till the date. They don’t understand about the reality at the ground level of the Indian economy. The management thinks, whoever lives in Delhi can easily spend 30K and their sales person compel parents to believe that their kids are useless.
    I am still waiting for the day when the BYJUS users will celebrate their success quoting “I have become blah blah just because of BYJUS”. 😉

    1. Hey Prashant this was really well researched story.
      I do not have first hand experience of what’s happening in Byjus. Again what happens in a company and the way it makes a sale is entirely dependent on the company and its people.

  2. This need to be stopped, taking inappropriate advantage of need of education for every individual. The sad truth is every nation wants to grow their economies GDP number not realising that skill development and helping to get right education in minimal cost would only help nation to grow economy exponentially in future.

  3. Once you have taken money from investors, purpose of starting the business be like…”out of the window”. The purpose then becomes driving valuations, not creating a legacy!
    Disclaimer: May not be applicable to all fundraising founders.

    1. Gopinath Kommi Exactly. But unfortunately that’s what is being monetized extensively in our society. Byju is just one case. Our whole education and health system has been used as the highest money making tool. These two should have been basic human rights and EQUAL for all.

  4. Organisational success without human value showcase the mind set of managment. Also this is the true face of today’s corporate world most perticularly startups who have grown overnight. Surprisingly when such founders are interviewed being a successful entrepreneurs, they are not asked questions on thier organizational values and culture!! Only valuation counts ??

  5. Every founder starts company with true intention to run a profitable company. Comes angels, still things seem good and founder is aligned to his or her own vision / mission. Then comes more institution financer’s / VCs. The startup is glorified as unicorn, the entrepreneurs are super stars and they have to cater to media pressures, investor pressures.. and soon their vision/mission gets diluted. It is no longer question of quality but quantity. Money takes over Education and Knowledge. There are only 2 type of influencer’s 1) with convincing power 2) with only power. The power can be abusive in nature. This leads to bad mouthing, abuses and then one day founder regrets loosing self out. ‘ Entrepreneur grows self to sell self’. My research remains valid.

  6. I agree with you. Not only Byju’s- may be it’s a torch bearer; but so called International/Global schools fall in to the same category. It’s not their fault, it’s parent’s fault. Parents can’t think beyond Medicine & so naturally likes of Byju’s exploit parents weakness fully to their advantage. Non-science stream kids & thier family will be downgraded to the level of junk bond from friends & relatives; that’s the level of peer pressure!

  7. Yes Doc. Parents and their Super ambition for their kid’s future has been milked shamelessly by these Guys ( so called Kota factory…. Aswell) . Don’t know whom to blame (Parents or these guys insatiable hunger for money)

  8. I have said this many times and I will say it again, adding “tech” spice to a business model that was in person/service based and then charging the same price, ala 90k for an online course through fear mongering to parents(and we all know how concerned indian parents are about education), is not a business. Its fear mongering fuelled rent seeking. Nothing different from your street gunda that charges you a hafta. Byju’s is nothing more than that and it shows in the corporate culture. Also the $10B valuation is laughable ! The top 3 coaching institutes in Kota wouldn’t have 2 years ka combined operating revenue as that number (Service Business, 2X multiplier) and still produce far better results to the end consumer

  9. I still remember Dr Aniruddha Malpani you posted about the ways of working and the superficial quality of Byjus in your older posts. Seems all coming to light now.

  10. Very sad and I’m sure very far from the vision Byjus originally had. Goes to show – add in investment money, a management team and excessive ambition and this is what you get. They need to go back to basics and ask themselves why are we in this game? Primarily educators want to help and add value (whilst Ofcourse earning money which is absolutely fine).

  11. But isn’t it true of all the leading educational institutions in India? Aren’t all the so-called darling unicorns of the Indian Start-Up Ecosystem suffering from the same stinking disease? It’s another matter that they are not getting reported. This reflects very strongly on why Indian organizations can never make it to the Fortune list.

  12. I won’t even name the other storied startups and unicorns with similar issues in recent days. The hyper-growth enterprises with eye popping valuations are all showing feet of clay and more, Dr Aniruddha Malpani. Whatever action these start-ups may take against those speaking their hearts out, the truth can’t be hidden for too long.

  13. Dr Aniruddha Malpani I have been observing it very up close while my fellowmates are involved in BYJU’s, I think founder is not just to blame for business ethics but also the investors push !

  14. They are there only for making money. I haven’t come across a single student who has ever gained on their platform. Infact the students who have tried had to go for separate english tution as #byjus english sucks!!! They can’t even get students names right horrible pronunciation !!

  15. It’s obviously a primary goal for any business to make money, but I feel certain industries have an obligation that goes far beyond making profit – education is one of them..

  16. Arrogance that comes with funding has corrupted the culture of many startups. They are focussed, grounded and resourceful till they get the funding. After that, they go crazy with fancy office, massive recruitments and a bunch of half baked leaders who’ve got too much too fast. This is the ideal recipe to create a toxic culture.

  17. Dr Aniruddha Malpani
    If Byju was not doing anything, people might be very happy. People might have cerified him as a —- — —. It is time for those who are trolling him to start own Ideal venture with their own ideology. Who is stopping any one to do anything in India?

    1. There are many people in the world who thinks education as a service and to give their best with their own ideas but the sad fact is the support is only given for the people who thinks education as an money making industry

    2. RajeshKanna Kanagaraj
      Everyone is trying to give the best to support students.
      I don’t see anything wrong.
      However, it is becoming a nightmare to students because, there is no co ordination between the various teachers and stakeholders who are “supporting” the student.
      A std 12 student is taught by 12 teachers for his 3 main subjects without having any co ordination with each other.
      Think of a human body without nervous system. If all systems are working independently, can body work harmoniously?
      Then how can we expect harmonious “all-round” development of a student when there is no co ordination between teachers and stakeholders.
      It is missing in our Education system. Hence we at studyvita has developed a collaborative teaching learning platform where a teacher will be a teacher for his subject and a mentor for other subjects.
      Repetition of teaching topics by school teacher, tuition teacher, entrance coach and online coaching can be avoided.
      Students needs coaching only for topics he is weak. Hence we are bringing differentiated teaching learning through our Global Holistic Academy where teachers will have freedom to teach chapters of their preference and students too can learn from teachers of their choice.

  18. Raising increasing sums of money at ever increasing valuations is often like riding the back of a tiger. One slip ( for internal or external reasons) and you are dead. What happened to building a business for the long haul based on a solid foundation and respect for employees and customers?

  19. I can add the following from a friend’s experience:
    1. Their sales team is run like that of a financial products distributor.
    2. The initial assessments contain questions from one class above what they are purported to be, so that the kids don’t do well.
    3. Not just fear mongering, they go to the extent of using guilt and shame to make a sale.
    4. Although the sales team is paid well, even one evening without a sale can lead to immediate termination.

  20. It’s not education, they train students to Crack exams & earn money.
    Parents are also not interested in Real education. This is all money game for everyone involved. It’s basically a well designed & organised process of Killing natural talent & creativity. I’m from KOTA Rajasthan. I have seen & observed everything very closely.

    1. Nice to know that you are from Kota. I am also from Kota. I have witnessed the coaching industry as a student myself. It is true that education system has reached to a level where marks/ranks have become more important than the education itself.

  21. The only way to earn money is to provide the services and products that is needed and useful in the society. The law is – That the financial proportion will be in direct proposition to our services.
    And as per BYJU is concerned, there are negative reviews in the market. On the micro level, the stakeholders should start tracing the cause or else a day might come that negative reviews may overtake the good reviews. Sometimes its best to Pause, Reflect and again Start Running!!

  22. Where is the problem??????
    Investors are asking for profits – what is wrong?
    Startup are pressuring their staff- what is wrong?
    Its a deal when we got interviewed & always looks for higher salaries & emotionally fail once the reality meets dreams.

  23. Not only Byju, I have seen this work culture in lots of Indian companies. This because of the labour laws and the ethics. In Europe or Western Countries it’s impossible to treat an employee like that.

  24. I have a few friends who used to work with Byju’s earlier. They used to start working at 9:30 in the morning and used to reach home by 3-4 in the morning. One can be terminated on the same day if there is no sale. These days the education sector is working only for profit nothing else. They are not bothered for their employees. Human resource is only for Hiring and Firing. What would you do if you are one of the investors in one such company with a toxic working environment? Dr. Aniruddha Malpani.

    1. Manmitha H S That’s great for you. But not for all. They used to go for conduction. I have seen them coming at that particular time. But believe me, I am happy that you are enjoying your work.

  25. Yesterday India Today hosted Byju PayTM and Oyo in a brainstorming session. Each was selfish in their answer and outlook. Narrow minded and self centered.

    1. As someone who has bought their product, I can personally confirm that there’s a massive sales effort followed by complete lack of commitment once the money is paid. Their so-called mentoring system is a joke. You’re right – they will go down if they don’t change.

  26. Education over the years (since Khoinoor Technical started) has never help build the family and neighour. Education has only increased Competition. Teacher’s lost their Soul. Education built compartments. Corporates and Politicians rule the roost. Advertisements and Mall’s and Online shopping have taken away savings and credit cards and personal loan housingoan and car loan, and holiday loans took precedence. Inspite of both Parent’s earning a lac of rupees each, both don’t have finances to manage. Gambling on stocks and bonds, gave pleasure to few and pain to many. Dividing the children in urban areas is a fad. Rural going to be effected.
    Started something good but instead of working and developing in and through existing schools went on to trying becoming an institution itself
    Super 30 the movie is a better way to understand. Some time back there was this ABCL Corporation, run by the same stooges who misplaced Byijus

  27. Blame should go to Sequoia and other VCs that invest and encourage this kind of scum. They have done enormous damage to better founders, products and the eco system by supporting toxic founders and toxic cultures with readiness to pull numbers by hook or by crook. Disgusting and embarrassing.

  28. What I have come across is same is the condition of many FMGC and consumer care companies. They have given unreasonably high targets (higher than Diwali) and some have not even paid salary of March & April to lower sales reps.

  29. They pay a huge salary to on campus hires and colleges and students wag their tails not realizing the pitfall ahead. The report is correct. The Management action is just an eyewash or hand wash.

  30. We have placed lateral hires at one of the competitors of Byjus… There’s so much of dirt in the game that customers don’t realize it. Even new joiners don’t. I will bet my life… Pull out any of their sales guys and ask them to be hired in a senior position at Unilever or P&G, or anywhere… They don’t meet the criteria.

  31. This is very shameful. When the world is already fighting off a bigger war at this time, why do companies have to make it harder for their employees? I saw and read some comments of the previous employees of BYJU’s that they had gone through the same. I believe accepting such a behaviour is awful as well. This should have ended a long time ago if people were to take a stand and report such nuisance much earlier.

  32. Till the time Co dosen’t do IPO how can it justify such a high valuation.
    Investor obviously will try unicorn targets to get higest exit.
    Many a Co Falter at the Altar.
    WeWork Oyo Uber now Airbnb.
    Digital learning (self study) is a good supplement for extra reading.
    It cannot replace physical books and F2F / classroom teaching.
    Virtual classrooms are a close to reality but still not the same. Competitiveness achieved and collective learning gained by jointly working on problems in groups is unmatched.

  33. Dear all,
    As the Ed-tech platform is growing, competition between the one another is Increasing. I hope some of the negative comments are also coming from the same industry. I am working in a same profile since long, I know some of the individual have affected company’s reputation in terms of employee satisfaction but trust me friends company really cares about employees right now. In beginning stage in byjus, there was very hectic schedule of working but now It is very smooth and also Byju’s is the only organization in the whole Ed-tech to give 2 official weekoff to relax. Anybody wants to discuss upon that point can call me on +91 8200721926.
    I have lots of achievements to share but I request you not to indulge in circulating the fake and wrong news because of one single instance.
    Thank you.
    #satisfied #bebyjuites

    1. Gladson Joseph Opening offices across do not mean you are growing fast. It may also mean you are trying different waters. As someone who has worked with both seed funded and well-funded startups can tell you that. The working environment is very acidic. Some firms have been able to contain the acidic environment rest have outcomes such as the mentioned in the article.

    2. I was once a part of #byjus and I have seen managers abusing their subordinates both physically and verbally. So if you say that the company is growing and we should not air these fake news and one single instance as its nothing but de-faming the company. Its not a single instance it has been a case with most of the managers abusing their power. Being an employee of the company try to have a bit of empathy for you subordinates who are being subjected to such toxic behaviours.

  34. Dr Aniruddha Malpani sir I don’t see company across global not looking for growth n don’t push sales channel for high revenue during any condition.
    Ultimately every corporate here for being profitable .

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani except few no one want to be charitable only company if it’s for profit business ultimate goal would be being profitable. Hardly few founder who wishes to do charity of own net worth.

    2. Rajendra Singh What happened to benefitting your community. You cannot put monetary value on Education. How does fattening your personal wallet benefit your community? You can join Ceasar, Hitler, Saddam Hussein and the others in the 7 th layer.

  35. You are absolutely right. Adding to it, the so-called ‘Start-up’ culture has just been about achieving high valuations, getting good deal with Big investors, though all of it is just a bubble creation in process which can explode anytime just like recently being took place with Softbank.

  36. I’ve personally had bad experience with Biju’s, their staff is very rude when they call you, not at all courteous, they need to invest heavily on training their own staff.

  37. Every business needs to make money. No proof in any claims. A simple waste of Internet space. The only thing it shows is spite. Did you make the same allegations against large fintech players when demonetization happened?

  38. This won’t work. Everyone has a time of minting money. Byjus cost are ripping off. They just have a one time investment of shooting a video and designing the course. They must bring their prices for school kids like a Amazon Tata sky quarterly subscription.

  39. True Dr Aniruddha Malpani, but every fairytale has a dark side A typical Byju’s sales office reminds me one of those of Jordan Belfort from the Wolf of Wall Street.
    And looks like Byju’s is hurrying for Dalal Street

  40. It’s not Byju’s……Every Private Education Institution think in the same way I believe….Business ethics may differ from
    One to another but look the fees of school and colleges……You may differ but this is how Indian Education System has become.

  41. I see byjus contributing towards society during this uncertain times by providing jobs to many aspirants when other companies are taking their steps back.All the best for its future !!

  42. Every institute out there is for making money whether it’s a college or any training institute. The vulnerability due acute competition with huge number of students and lack of good universities in our country has given rise to institutes with innovative methods of teachings and hence high fees and competition.
    For my sales folks, their job looks very attractive and lucrative..but I guess only a sales person knows what it takes to achieve targets and handle pressure and difficult meetings, this is irrespective of any industry..

  43. The company established with the vision of empowering education has now been a trouble for job seekers. It has the Worst work culture and the irony is if you raise voice to highlight the problems to the management either you will be fired or will be excluded with all the benefits.

  44. I was also BDA in this company.
    They are having so many problem.
    * To become manager you need only one quality that is number of sales.(ethical & unethical doesn’t matter)
    * Managers used to smoke in their cubicles.
    And sleep on sofa in between office hrs.
    Office time is 10,11,12 it doesn’t matter you have to come by 9 am.
    And leave office by 10 pm that to by requesting to your manager.
    If you are not eligible for bank loan they will edit your bank statement.
    And sir the most important thing is that everyone in the leadership position is aware of these issues but they are busy in making money.

  45. Sir, while i empathise with the concept of social causes, However, please name one business including places of worship, which have any other reason but ‘Profit’ to exist and whether they can even exist without profit?

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani,
      You call it “Social Impact Business”, which clearly defines the objective as “Business”.
      When one claims an organization as “Not For Profit”, it yet requires a sustainable mechanism to operate, a very small %ge of such organizations depend truly upon charity alone. Most of them have some form of monetization method to keep themselves afloat.
      Moreover, every business has a “social impact”.
      I am a consultant to All India Institute of Local Self Government: AIILSG.
      Resilience and sustainability of Citizens and society as a whole are our primary concern…we may claim ourselves as a not for profit or charitable organization but considering the number of people who work here, it is actualy run like a business which competes with global consulting practices for consulting work.

  46. I have seen founder in ByJu’s advertise – it seems the founder is not good presenter – when whole business is based on online presentation – he could not get the advertise right – so how come you can expect for the company :p

  47. Heard they are becoming extremely moneyminded..pressuring parents forcibly to sign on EMIs , in their own financial institutions which they have now started.

  48. Dear friends, Thank you all for the time spend to chat with me.
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  49. Byjus is a place where a fresher one can become a manager in about 6-7 months just by hitting the sales numbers, and he is deemed fit to manage a team not on the basis of experience and skills but on the basis of how much revenue he has generated.
    The problems of abuse and inhumane behaviour are ought to happen if a manager does not get enough exposure, managers think they are demigods and they can say or do anything.

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