The salesman’s new mantra – Always be learning! As opposed to …

The salesman’s new mantra – Always be learning! As opposed to – Always be closing! ,

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  1. Continuous learning is built into sales process. Every customer has unique needs or solution requirements, a good sales person studies this carefully and comes up with a solution which eventually gets the job done of the customer. some times solution may involve products and service of other companies as well. salesman is a platform which connects customers problems with solutions.

  2. Listening and learning are extremely important for a successful sales person, you learn a lot of things when you listen to the customer patiently and carefully. A lot of times the customer himself closes the order if you are a good listener.Never be in a hurry to shoot all the bullets you have.

  3. The guy closed a deal .
    Then he realised the product he sold was actually the one they were competing against…
    In a hurry he had taken in the competition s pitch…

  4. True; In a B2B context, a learning Salesman will join the right company, sell the right product to the right market, thus closing happens. Even if he doesn’t close, he learns and informs the Product Manager that there isn’t a product – market fit. If the product mgmt team doesn’t incorporate market feedback, a learning salesman will communicate with founders about the gaps in operations and culture. Closing is a by-product of doing the right things.

  5. Funny though, let’s suppose you “closed” one deal and did not dig deep enough to “learn” that there was a scope of an even bigger deal. who’s a fault in this situation? makes me wonder are these two “verbs” separated. “Maybe for some”!

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