The recent funding which Byju’s has raised means the online …

The recent funding which Byju’s has raised means the online edu-tech space has become hot, but I worry about how we will be able to protect children from online porn and sexual predators. ,

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  1. Don’t know, how much I would be correct, but installing another app to track the time spent on a particular mobile app by user and knowing the site or content kids went through, would help us to take further steps to overcome. Every time such content appears and we get notifications.
    These things are natural, best way to give them the correct insight that why he/she shouldn’t do it.

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani sorry for replying late, yes strongly agree on your views.
      What if kids are allowed to use any educational or required app only connecting through Projector, which would make it more interactive, would appear like Classroom Boards and additional way of teaching apart from the Educational App can be obtained through parents’ or guardian’s interaction, hope it would be fun, interesting even and will be in front of everyone.

  2. If we want to improve our education system then we need more practical approach like SP Robotic, SRJNA where students and teachers both involve in all activities rather than teach same topics via online.

    1. Mr.Prasanna, it may be unfair to label it as a mental illness. It may be a very frivolous allegation. I second Dr.Malpanis views, curiosity needs to be dealt with albeit in a balanced manner. And kids being kids may lack the prudence to understand how much is the right much. Parents have a huge role to play in ensuring that the right walls and online security is exercised while not interfering in the natural cycle of a child’s growth.

  3. why to protect them from porn ? You have to discuss with your children about these topics. The pros and cons of watching porn.
    In the internet today, with one click they can see anything they want to see but this is not the main problem. The main problem is what’s going in their mind. In the level of mind they can think anything even without watching porn. The fantasy world you know.
    So, talk to them about these things. This is the ultimate solution.

  4. Dr Aniruddha Malpani may be parental control apps/tools might be of help in saving the children from those predators? Also awareness of about the less known psychological effects of porn will be of help. The question is how do you want to do it? Force kids to refrain from porn or enlighten them about its effects and encourage them to stay away. What do you think is a better option?

  5. You can reduce the effect with software walls. However, no matter how much online or TAB Education has come up, it will not raise the standard of Education because these does not customize and cater to the needs based on every child’s learning process, their is no kinesthetic learning, hands on experience an s that’s more important than just visual and audio. Self learning has to be more focussed with real time projects and stuffs. However, sex education is something that needs to be dealth with utmost care and help students to work on their curiosity. This is much needed engagement.

    1. Leela Maitreyi absolutely. I will tell a real.story ho clever students are with technology that they even break firewalls and reach to sites that are prohibited. We have budding hackers in school. Last year was amazed to see grade 7 two students doing this, even the software engineer was surprised. And you know friendship in school…..caring and helping among friends. ???

  6. Well, kids will be kids, curious, with or without Byju’s. As it is kids spend a ton of time browsing and chatting away online. Byju is probably helping solve the problem, by diverting their minds away even if for a bit!!!

  7. Predicting such side effects from online learning, mainly in K-12 kids, a device from mintbook – MBOX is launched with content. This is a micro server at home and works without internet. Multiple devices can connect within a range of 15 meters to access content from this micro server. Content covers a complete range that a home would need – Digital library, text books, video lessons, hacks, DIY, competitive exam prep, Quiz, Simulations – Science & Maths, Tools such as log table, periodic table, eGeomentry kit, wiki, dictionary and text to speech to read out the book. Whats more interesting is this uses internet whenever available to push the analytics data to the server, so that the parents can review the data remotely as well. Available at a very cost effective launch offer of Rs.3520/-! Check out and share your feedback.

  8. I think, reason why Byju’s went for memory card was to solve the problem of low bandwidth. Its possible that same tablet can be made to run on kiosk mode connecting with online server and that too allowing only sites (Google, khan academy etc) that was previously configured during tablet configuration.

  9. computer vision as well as standard text-audio parsing A.I based on say a method like CNN(convolutional neural networks) based deep learning ( can be used as a firewall layer of sorts to  analyse and moderate the content being delivered to a website or an app in a text as well as visual based fashion,,this can be applied for screening and auto filtering messages or voice conversations too.The same method is feasible for offline storage based moderation as well owing to the fact that the encryption and encoding aspects can be ensured at a storage level.
     this is something we are trying to solve as part of our next generation  custom software and hardware infrastructure for voice and data using smart, efficient and low cost methods at Asrsti( 🙂

  10. The more the restrictions more will be the curiosity of any kids to explore things… The better will be to classify / divide internet for kids and adults if possible so tht no fishy things come to their mind…

  11. I think the onus is on parents to make the child understand what content is good or bad? Putting restrictions on such things will make the child more curious about those things and let him learn from mistakes ?

  12. Really as a parent we are worried about online porn, sexual predators and cyber games like Momo. Blue whale.. Learn N Play launched the app which is able to manage, monitor and control all our children digital activities. We can connect from anywhere and protect them from all these. #lrnplay #Lr’n’Play

  13. Instead of denying the knowledge and punishing them. They need to educated and talked about these things too. They need to make understand what’s good what’s bad. Restrictions is not always a solution as their are multiple ways they could get into these kind of things.

  14. I strongly believe that there is no substitute for Guru -Shishya conventional education. Self- paced courses for kids without live teacher, at such an early age is detrimental.

    1. Kids use Byjus as a short cut, just before exams when they have lost all study time during the year by procrastinating…the video is going on &they are day-dreaming mostly, with a book u can’t turn pages while day-dreaming, u will be stuck on page 1…actual books are real learning, for maths,diagrams,chemistry formulas u still have to practice by writing…real learning happens like this… That is primary concern… All other adult online content exposure is a secondary issue

  15. Much more simpler than most people make it out to be. For children below 16, COTS M2M interfaces should not be used. Educational man machine interfaces should connect only to hard coded ip addresses of content servers. This would also take care of majority of the security issues.

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