The problem with social media is that it is flooded …

The problem with social media is that it is flooded with so many different versions of the truth that we no longer able to to form any of our own convictions! ,

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  1. Truth does not have different versions , lies and fakes have different version . Emotions of people are high and , reason and logic has taken a back seat.
    You can create your own myth and people intoxicated with emotions will swallow it without questioning .

  2. Why to blame platform. People use them and people have hidden agenda, but shoe case differently. 
    Even if platform not there, then also such Roumers will be there. Having platform gives better voice to show truth to word, without that it would be difficult. And platform should be natural to allow all kind of voice. 

  3. Absolutely right. We wonder what is the reality behind any issue. Its a game of perception for TV channels  as well as the  news papers. Even their version is based on the  feedback given by their local  reporters..  They  might not have gone dipper in  the issue. Its a fast world. Nobody has time to investigate and then open up. Social media version is based on secondary data. That is why we come across opposite versions for the same issue and wonder whether what we think is right.

  4. is one of the only source that does fact checking of widely (and fake) popular news of Indian Journalism. I appreciate that many people appeal to not blindly follow any conclusions/opinions without going through the facts. No. I am not related to Alt News in any way, just doing the good deeds.

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