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  1. This is why smart person is elected for President of all #association in India. They know how to reply circumventing real issue. Mahatma Gandhi said give dignity to all work. All business can be ethical if mind behind it is ethical.
    I always say “Associations are self serving, never question themselves”.

  2. Yes abhi market main do cheez ka i bada business market hai
    1. Unemployment
    2. Medical field
    Haan ap abhi bol sakte ho unemployment & medical totally trust or ngo handle karta hey…. But jo director lok hey company ka o log per month kitna paisa uthata hey as a salary issue karke… Or private hospital to usse bhi upar suppose koi normally viral fever kilye admit hua 3 din hospital main rehene ke baad bill hota hey 50k to 60k …. Abhi boliye business kitna karta hey….

  3. Dr Aniruddha Malpani – This is unfortunate answer from a person representing noble profession. Many doctors have sold their conscience long back and now justifying their act. There is no smoke without fire, refer recent comment made by our Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 
    Btw, I would add that TV anchor and media should also look at themselves while pointing fingers to other profession. 

  4. There’s no harm turning the medical profession in business but with every business comes some social responsibilities. Unfortunately in medical profession we are dealing with “Lives” & not just any random product. I’m in for it being a business but not for exploiting the Patients(so called “CUSTOMERS”). I have personal & unfortunately an extremely bitter experience of this evil. Problem starts when the “professionals” exploit the emotional weakness of the family to prolong the treatment & sell ultra expensive medicines especially when much cheaper options are also available. Sad?

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpaniyes. You are right. They are also equally dangerous. Do their being corrupt justifies others to digress from their duties. Its about Duty Vs greed. Make money, create wealth but don’t cheat. This applies to each & every profession in the world.

  5. People respect a doctor
    who comes in a car,
    who lives a lavish lifestyle,
    who comes late and made you to wait for his practice.
    They are least bothered about his/her success in the medical practice field or expertise. The height of respect depends on the lifestyle you live or how you show it to them. It’s we who had set the standard of living for doctors, engineers, lawyers and so on. Later, we go and blame them for doing medical practice as a business not as a service.

  6. Any professional commercial business cares for its customer.
    It is everyones duty to pay income tax which primarily funds the safety and security of the nation and individuals in it. A good trader never sells a wrong product to you! Try your neigbourhood shopkeeper!
    Business is the bloodline of a nations economic well being. How is the profession of business in any way less than a medical

    1. Sanjay Shyamanur : I am all with you ..there is nothing wrong in business and wealth creation …but showing WhatsApP ” DP ” for marriage when there real picture is in “Adhar Card ” really hurts the business partners and ecosystem .

  7. It’s easy to counter:
    When doctors started pushing specific brands of medicines inspite of better options being available, they became a trader.
    When doctors started extorting people by exploiting fear of patients and their families, courts needed to step in.
    In a developed country like Germany the doctors are not millionaires – in India they are. Why?
    But let me make it clear – thankfully I have worked, interacted and seen upclose the doctors who still think for patients and treat them as humans. I have known them for more than a decade now and I strongly believe that being on the right side of ethics, law and morality ultimately benefits them only in addition to society.
    I am not expecting doctors to be angels – just law abiding, ethical professionals.

  8. Every trade/company has a whistle-blower policy. I believe IMA can’t afford ‘whistle blowers policy’.
    No problem with making this profession a business but playing with innocent lives does not justify the statement made by the ‘Businessman’.
    Yes, there are good men but the system is run by a very well established mechanism which Dr. Malpani can’t replace with an unbiased algorithm even if he has intent and courage both.

  9. Regulation cannot make nobility a business. Then that way even the trusts of religious communities too shall react. How will you weed out the bads from the goods. The goods irrespective of regulation shall carryon their good work not bothered as they trust their intent.

  10. https://milaap.org/fundraisers/Prabhanshu
    What to call the Doctors work- service or a poor business?
    what is that fine line of difference between A service ,A purely commercial service, A sustainable service?
    What will be the better indicator to judge-Polocies,
    process, purpose, profit, tax, lifestyle ,impact or anything else ?
    Its very complex to judge the perspectives and logic as we always will have hundreds of justifications for what we think/believe is right ?
    Beyond conflicting thoughts and differing perspectives ,we have to find the answer of ourselves!

  11. Not only this,add business houses doing business and crucifying doctors.
    Then there are Administrators who mostly are management people and exploit doctors further.
    It’s kind of Bandhua Majdoor thing..Surrounded by blood sucking parasites..And the scapegoat by default.

    1. Rahul Ranjan..I work in Delhi..Just look around..Not possible..It’s simpler for you to preach but to practice is another ball game altogether..As they say about cups and lips.

  12. It became a trade when MBBS Doctors decided to pay crores of capitation fee, for the coveted MD seat. It would have been nice, if MBBS Doctors would go on a strike, to oppose the capitation fee.

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