Push vs pull Many founders reach out to investors in …

Push vs pull Many founders reach out to investors in order to raise funds . They get frustrated when they don’t get a reply, even though they have spent months polishing and honing their deck. Sadly, investors are flooded with pitches, and most will not respond to cold emails – not because they don’t care about entrepreneurs, but because they don’t have the bandwidth to reply meaningfully. This is why it makes much more sense to position yourself as a thought leader in your domain. If you do this well, investors who want to tap into your expertise will reach out to you ! You remain in control , and can create options as to which to choose . Much more importantly , this is something which any entrepreneur can do , because it does not need money ! What it needs is the will and the skill to share your domain expertise ! ,

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  1. Hi, can you please give suggestions on how to handle with so many fund raising in Taiwan for hospital or temple buildings that is seeking a higher standard or high quality in medic or temple thoughts. Thanks.

  2. Hi ! I understand all the explanation pertaining to paucity of time in the context but I am a little lost with your idea of pejecting the Onself as a thought leader. How and why ? Thought leaders are not projected having said that it has become the trajectory of social media driven norms , where everyone is trying too hard to be something one is not .
    I’d say master the game before the Trying to showcase as someone you are not because anyways when one has taken the path towards entrepreneurship , it shows a lot of resilience in decision itself .
    As to returning to point how to get notices by investors … I am still awaiting an answer

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani Thank you so much for your suggestion. I must demonstrate my knowledge base through writing and thus sharing knowledge. I will try and implement on your advise

  3. Dr.Malpani great piece of advise. In this age of competition, subtle ways of selling oneself should surely help. It is like one of your posts where a Startup guy pleads for a few minutes with you. Would have been much better to pitch himself as you suggest here. Sure takes discipline and the will to express your domain knowledge in the way that is helpful to the tons of similar startups/entrepreneurs.
    Push vs Pull

  4. The sad truth is given the “tech” and “disruptive” nature of startups it’s less common than founders are actually domain experts. Most founders think they are, passionate about their business and personal economics and are on a domain use case scavenging exercise. Sadly that does not always come with respect for the insights, experience and deep thinking associated with the domain. Until that happens the push pull will remain. 

    1. Sadly this environment has so much cash floating around there is some dumb money that actually likes founders who are tight fisted and twiddle around domain experts (much to the negative implications on all parties involved and the product itself).

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