Mindless medical reporting They have confused exposure to TB ( which …

Mindless medical reporting They have confused exposure to TB ( which is of no clinical importance ) with the disease TB! ,

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  1. Meaningless sensationalism. True that large population is exposed to TB, but in most case it is latent due to active immune system of people. One recent estimate is about 20 lakh active TB patients in 125 Cr population, making real affected number around 0.16% or so and not 39% as above

    1. Aditi Mohan the CDC estimates that the global burden of TB infection – not to be confused with active disease – is 30%. I don’t think the CDC has India’s stats either 🙂

  2. I am agree with you that TB is most dreaded disease in India, although we have many well defined drugs which can cure it. Early termination of medicines triggeres drug resistance. So we need to bring awareness in our society!
    But cancer is a very complex diseease and there is no effective treatment after vascularisation and we can only improve the survoval 5 months to 5 years. There is a very high incidence of occurrence this disease in 1/3 global population. So we must take effective R&D plan to improve patient lives.

  3. 200% correct. Am not a medico but am sure 90% of Indians would have antibodies for TB. Do a Mantoux on the population and they will say 90% Indians have TB? …….Surely incorrect reporting !

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