Kotak Bank policy is not to send alerts to their …

Kotak Bank policy is not to send alerts to their customers for NEFT payments less than Rs 10000! This is ridiculous! This penny wise pound foolish approach will cause them to lose customers! ,

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    1. Alerts are essential to detect fraud early. I had some faudulent transactions on my credit card, saw the SMS in the morning and reported it. All were 3K each but total of 4 amounting to more than Rs 12K.
      Yes, I usually do not check the SMS if I do the transaction myself but I still want it.

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani, let me request my friend Mahesh Balasubramanian to check out. Mahesh, Dr. Malpani seems to have an issue with Kotak Bank. I believe Kotak has a high customer service motive. Could you have this resolved, please?

    1. Dhwipal Shah concept is good, but i personally feel IT infra is weak which they need to more focus on As that’s the only backbone for them & they are playin on that only.IDFC Bank

  1. That sounds wierd…this is where banks are missing the point, failing to put customers in central. These are individual customer choices than bank policy decisions. Banks should allow customers to choose what they need to get notified on…

  2. They should change this policy immediately.
    This might compromise their systems too. Someone can hack an account and steal amount in chunk of less than 1000 without account holder getting any alert.I don’t think the bank wants it.

  3. Sir Lic of India big company, but they don’t have single nice call centre number. The number they print on receipts and website are all not reachable all time. This is more ridiculous thing I found.

  4. Banks could instead let the customers decide if they wish to receive notifications or not. This makes for a more balanced approach rather than the bank forcing decisions on to customers!

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