If a user points out an error, please don’t get …

If a user points out an error, please don’t get defensive or tell him that he is wrong. Instead, try to reproduce the error, so you can fix it. Complaints are a gift – please treasure them ,

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    1. Ram Kumar Of course criticism must be welcome but we do not live in an ideal world. Many do not entertain it and take serious umbrage. Hence advice and suggestions should be tendered with caution.
      I recount this from my experience and I shall stick to it.

  1. Absolutely. No matter whether they are early users or late users, when they point out a problem and we don’t even bother to try to reproduce it, something is really wrong with us 🙂

    1. Try replacing the front desk females with male staff only.
      You will immediately see the difference between a suggestion and criticism.
      We honor, respect and show politeness to females, which is expected and obvious. Nothing wrong about it.

  2. Entrepreneur must be thankful for those customers who provides feedbacks about the bugs and errors. It saves the testing costs and eradicating those errors also helps in building trust.

  3. Toolbelt.in has a built-in automated system, monitoring for technical errors 24×7, alerts our team instantly.
    But we think this ought to be standard, so no big deal about it.
    What we do cherish and pride ourselves with, are:
    1. Any error, if at all, has only been minor and has never interrupted our services. Thanks to our strict development process that is agile, follows BDD, ATDD, TDD, lean deliveries and 90% or more code coverage.
    2. There has never been more than 2 error (only minor, no major, absolutely zero critical/blocker) in any month so far since our launch in Jan 2018. We are strengthening ou development process even further to reduce this to zero.
    3. — WE Call the customer immediately — for a casual chat and feedback about our app & services so far, as soon as this automated system reports any such error. They never experience even the slightest dip in our services, forget any interruption.
    4. Our — listening policy– that empowers customers to demand anything they want at all at any time during the entire tenure of their subscription. Anything in the app. We get back on such requests within 24 hours with a schedule of delivery. Then deliver.
    5. lean deliveries every 2-3 days! Seriously!
    We are on a mission!

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani I am humbled by your kind words. Thank you!
      That is exactly what we do at toolbelt.in, win customers at their hearts! (Their pockets and our sales graphs follows)
      In our sales pitch, we welcome the new customer to pick absolutely any existing customer and ask for feedback on our services, before deciding to become our customer.

  4. It’s not just a gift, it’s a treasure trove. Every bug which goes unreported causes future users to switch to alternative platforms. Each user who reports a bug saves at least 10 users from being lost to competition. The key is how best one can listen, and how quickly one can fix the problem.

  5. well Said , Indian Saint Kabir also said that you should honour your critic and keep him with near you so that he can soften your clean you from inside without soap and water..
    More you listen to market more you improve and more you move ahead of competition

  6. +1. But it’s not possible to reproduce all errors (e.g. ecommerce websites), so it’s important to learn other techniques used to resolve non-reproducible issues. It’s not okay to say “we can’t reproduce it at our end”, with the subtext being “suck up and live with the error”.

  7. Dr Aniruddha Malpani Yes criticisms(or ‘improvement area’ maybe is a better term as it puts the giver and receiver in right perspective) is extremely valuable and gives first hand insights about product or services. As an entrepreneur/business owner, the passion might create a hurdle in taking it positively but it’s important to evaluate it with unbiasness and sieve the important ones from ‘good to haves’ and give relevant weightages to be able to make a significant impact on the overall product/process.

  8. Very True, Sometimes being inside the system, we get defensive and biased. Basic Rule of Product Dev , be patient and listen to users queries and criticism. If the user is not able to understand or does something wrong, then problem should be with communication from the product team. Listening intently always pays, especially in product world.

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