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  1. One can only enjoy their freedom until they do what is told to them but not think about anything they do.
    Do as I say don’t do what I do
    Where is freedom then nor Lead by example type of free living either

  2. We are free to express and they are free to arrest.. We live in a free Country….Dr Malpani, have we ever thought of Socio politico economic startups, which can contribute to the development of the country

  3. There is a reason for that. Anyone can say anything as per constitution. But if their act provokes ( or chances of provoking) violence , government must step into picture and act. Hence as a citizen , we must act responsibly.

    1. krishna yogi at the same time, there are some elements in our society who loves breaking good laws in the name of freedom & misuse it by spreading communal tensions!
      Anyways we can agree to disagree on this, cheers?

  4. Am sure there is a law that does not allow the police to arrest a woman in the late hours of the day.
    Also, forget democracy, we are now witnessing politics turning into gundagardi …. Thnks to their intellectual property

    1. Present PM is not so innocent, he is just making fool us showing  his poor face. what about when he abuses other opponent. Why he talks only about past. why never never talks about present and future.

  5. Maybe our founders forgot to use “*” in the constitution. We have to look into the constitution and find that terms and conditions page, the meaning of it changes as required or it’s hidden in the vault. 

  6. By this logic, even Rahul Gandhi should be jailed for his Savarkar utterance. I agree with Freedom of Expression for everyone unless it promotes violence. What’s surprising is that our mainstream media channels aren’t debating this. 

    1. Sir, your comment actually shows that there may be further study and research needed on the topic at your end. May I recommend the most updated book on the subject, Savarkar: Echoes from a Forgotten Past, 1883–1924 by Vikram Sampath which came out earlier this year and is a national bestseller on Amazon for 2019. After you have read more on this subject, I would be happy to engage with you to answer your remaining questions if any. 

    2. Sir, if i am not wrong this is book has published this year, BJP is changing history, even in  school syllabus by including their person presenting great hero of country, because they have no such icon. I don’t believe any of books which published post 2014 in favour of bjp government. and Mercy letter is true or not ? 

  7. I believe the way things are moving in the country at this moment, soon these guys might shut down the social media and internet access for everyone. They don’t want anyone to speak up!

  8. Dr Aniruddha Malpani
    Freedom of speech is NOT absolute.
    Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India guarantees to all its citizens the right to freedom of speech and expression. The law states that, “all citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression”. Under Article 19(2) “reasonable restrictions can be imposed on the exercise of this right for certain purposes. Any limitation on the exercise of the right under Article 19(1)(a) not falling within the four corners of Article 19(2) cannot be valid.
    Restrictions include Defamation as well among others.

    1. Suresh Rangarajan yes, I get that! But using this as a pretext, anyone who said anything the government didn’t agree with could be sent to jail. We live in a democracy and we should encourage healthy debate, rather than insist that everyone toe the party line, or imagine conspiracies in posts just because they have a differing perspective

  9. There are many instances when Mamata begum (some politically leader from Bengal) curses Prime Minister Modi.
    Same is done in baseless manner by Pappu.
    Same is done by many other people. But why not are they prosecuted?
    Disgusting judiciary

    1. salman khan so when the communality disagrees with you, lock them up. But when they do agree with you, people will claim “suppression of free speech”, “fascism” and all the works? Democracy works by freedom to think and speak for everyone.

  10. This is utter nonsense.. Anybody who has some IQ will realize what Nehru-Gandhi clan was upto..everything is documented and available.
    PS..And am not only referring to The Tashkent Files-the book..!

  11. Its quite interesting because I would like to see the post myself and value how unrealistic is to invest in India due to this kind of practices but being a speach crime there is no source sharing it..

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani if somebody said the same about your family, as Payal Rohatgi had said about Motilal Nehru, would you ignore and say that they too have freedom of speech?? Stop bullshitting on LinkedIn. Remember there is Facebook and Twitter for these kind of posts

    1. Nitesh .kumar Maybe you are not abreast with the news about someone making a comment on Veer Savarkar and there was a huge furore raised by ruling parties and they wanted the person to apologise…. But there was no talk of arresting…further the said person has something to do with Gandhi name. Ironic because Payal Rohatgi made comment about Nehru/Gandhi family and was arrested, but someone from the same family made comment was not. You could google this news for more elaborate details. Point Dr Aniruddha Malpani was making was absolutely correct about freedom of speech….It does not matter what was said. Is this  ‘Democracy’ or ‘Hypocrisy’? 

    1. Well, she has just quoted whatever is scripted, if they had to put someone behind the bars should have been those who wrote all this, if it was wrong.. Killing the messanger is not a new game in this world.. yes I won’t just malign India because it’s all around the globe..

  12. The arrest could have been avoided, but charging a case was definitely warranted since the video posted was defamatory and derogatory in nature. Also, the opinion expressed was not backed by proof/evidence other than basic googling! The actor could have exercised some caution as well as better research before voicing opinion in order to avoid a rather unfortunate turn of events. 

  13. Sir, you didn’t had any problem when the university students were attacked, but you raise your voice for this privileged bollywood actress, saying” free country”  and freedom of speech?? hypocrite

  14. so you mean to say you don’t believe on court judges Indian Law.. 
    Indian judiciary.. She has gone to jail for spreading lies and hatred.. and Court has sent to jail.. if you don’t believe on Indian judiciary means you are Anti National..you have to obey the court orders and have to respect its order.. you can’t say democracy n all things.. if you have problem in your bum for court orders then you can go to Kailasa new Country for Hindus..
    Democracy ke naam se ab kuch bi bolege kya..

    1. Nitesh .kumar She just turned out to proof for governance of lies that Congress and British govt. delivered to India. Hope you know about Nehru family Muslim ancestry back to Mughals, Nehru affair with Sanyasin, Raul Vinci(Rahul Gandhi) affair. Hope you know about Burma campaign to understand the reason why British left India because of massive loss of British Army by Bose army INA not because of M. K. Gandhi. Hope you know history of ancient India, Kings, Chronological dates of ancient history that post Independence Indian citizens read are lies and cooked by British education system they left behind. Wake up!

    2. what solid proof you have that they belongs to mughals. Can you tell me the name of great grandfather of your father’s great grandfather ? Raul vinci name was given tp rahul gandhi after his father murdered for security reason during his study in USA.  Subash bose died in 1945 why british left 1948. british lost british army it is first time i am hearing from you. Where was you so far.

  15. She was speeding lies knowingly in the name of freedom of speech. People deserve such kind of punishment. i have just watch her videos where she was crossing her limit.  here is link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pggWxSAWyzs&t=115s

  16. Sir, this is why we’re behind the curve on so many fronts. We wish to eat the cake and have it too. When the views are our way, we hail and support. When someone gets legal cases or gets locked up for a our views, we yell oppression and fascism. And when people get locked up for an opposing view, we’re super happy and say there should be consequences!

  17. Indian Union is not the best model for world to take any inspiration. 70 Years plus since India got Independence, still, no real development and minimum standard of living for all. Secularism is another big and cruel joke in this country. Mosques, Temples and Churches fit loudspeakers in their premises and play announcements, prayers, songs with full volume and disturbing the complete neighborhood. Muslims halt the Main Road on Fridays and do mass Namaz.  India is a Majoritarian society.  If Muslims are majority in Jamia Islamia University, whatever they speak or unleash violence or do riot, everything will have to be considered as freedom of speech and democratic way of protest. If Hindus are majority in Banaras Hindu University, whatever they speak or do is the freedom of speech and democratic way of protest. Different strokes.

  18. She basically alleged in a video that Kamala Nehru had had illicit relationships with a muslim man while Matilal Nehru was in jail and therefore jawaharlal nehru is son of a muslim. 
    I think such kind of malicious stories passed off as news need to be taken up by law enforcement. Wouldn’t you agree? We have seen what fake news and propaganda is doing to the country, and has done in USA and UK as well!

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani sir complainant was an activist who made out a case that this fake news spread hatred against a particular religion and baselessly slandered the character of a woman (although dead), both of which are punishable criminal offences.

  19. Elected to power means you will have to represent the needs and views of the people you are meant to serve, not use force to suppress them. You have no right to use the supreme court, the police and intelligence against the very people you represent.

    1. I mean that it should not be curtailed , but the pseudo intellectuals protests each time for JNU but for Payal rohtagi, they are mum, Payal Rohtagi just mentioned what is circulated thousands time on social media..

  20. Only politicians in India enjoy self declared unlimited freedom of speech & expression. For Normal citizens, the right to freedom of speech and expression is limited to maintaining decency, not to defame others, subject to maintaining law & order, and safety & security of India

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