How to become an influencer!

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Become a storyteller !

The best way to do this is to contribute content regularly, but often people don’t know what to write about!
Part of the problem is you underestimate your own expertise!
Here’s a simple solution.
Tell stories about your daily encounters – for example, your interaction with your boss ;your customers ; your employees ; your team members; the products you use.
What excited you?
What pissed you off?
Don’t just vent on WhatsApp or over beer – amplify your voice by using social media!
What did you learn today?
What surprised you?
The posts can be short – and even an image with a caption is fine!
Yes, it takes time, but if you willing to be patient, you will build up an audience.
Much more importantly, you will find your life becomes even more fascinating and interesting, because you will always be trying to learn something new from all your experiences, so you can share them with others!

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