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doctor and nurse during operation

One of the reasons the medical profession has got mired in corruption today is because doctors haven’t learned how to be financially independent. Even though they have slogged for years to master the knowledge they need to practice well and are quite capable of earning a good living for themselves as independent professionals, unfortunately, they don’t know how to translate these skills into income.
This is partly because they are focused on working as medical technicians, and haven’t learned how to run their practice.
They remain stuck as daily wage workers all their life, trying to run their own clinic; or they get trapped into working as employees for corporate hospitals, where they are forced to toe the party line and generate revenue if they want to keep their jobs.
We need to teach doctors how to become independent entrepreneurial executives, who are in control of their own fate. Not only will they enjoy a far better lifestyle, but they will also be able to rediscover the joy of practicing medicine ethically, and will be able to take better care of their patients because they will not need to earn kickbacks by over-testing and over-treating.
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