Companies should help their employees to improve their LinkedIn profiles! …

Companies should help their employees to improve their LinkedIn profiles! This will help them to improve their corporate visibility! ,

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  1. this is not possible in Indian working culture, specially in Indian company,
    Because i have worked from micro organisation to a large scale industry, The CEO or MD generally hopes employee are  their servant.

  2. Don’t you think it is interfering in ones personal space? Training and assistance to be in the company work areas not to the extent which one, one has to marry to come from company!

  3. It is particularly very good for startups to spread their brand. The startups become visible to the network of their employees. It could help getting good referrals, and even new customers. I don’t see any downside to this.

    1. Mohd Ilyas better profiles for employees make them stand out and in turn makes prospective ones more likely to want to join, and also current ones better opportunities in future. It also saves the organization from some not-so-well-kept profiles and displays a very well thought out front. This looks very much like an organizational strategy to me.

  4. That’s true Dr Aniruddha Malpani
    When companies help their employees to grow as an individual not only their LinkedIn profile but as a person a well they indirectly help their company to grow as well. 

  5. Why it doesn’t happen:-
    1. Companies prefer their employees put out content that benifits the company.
    2. Employees think, I may change the company , I may have to delete all the contents then.
    3. Why should I put the content for company’s benifit? I am already donating my brain/physiqur.
    4. LinkedIn is mainly perceived as a job search platform. When an employee gets active, company doubts that he/she is looking for a switch, even if the employee is not.
    5. Company fears that if an employee gets popular, he/she will have more offers.
    6. There are 1 Trillion compliencr laws in corporate. Employees fear of violating something.
    7. Atleast 1000 people have “warned” me, of not putting things in social media, because “you would be hold responsible for your views”. Imagine such threatning in companies.
    Learship and free speech are practices in LinkedIn and YouTube videos, oh yes, and in panel discussions.

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani, I agree with you…
      Happy employees could be best brand ambassadors, saving alot on digital marketing budget. Further, genuine opinions would intrigue the audience much more than the professional content

  6. Not only linkedin profile but In fact companies should run the programs to up skill their employees and invest invest in them differently. Way of education are opening up and organisations are missing the wagon. Skill upgradation is available at the right cost and people are upgrading themselves by utilising their time and moving ahead in their careers. I don’t see many companies which are doing really interesting work in this area and monetising this learning trend.

  7. It’s still a grey area where it’s not sure if a person’s LinkedIn profile belongs to her employer or employer has any right to influence it in any way!! Given the sole purpose for a LinkedIn profile is to l look for a job elsewhere, it’s even more tricky!!

  8. Not all top managers in companies understand game theory.
    They have been taught life as a zero sum game. Very few understand Win-Win-Win proposition. However, hope some will start doing it after reading your post.

  9. I think there are 2 components to this:
    1. Sometimes if the company is working in a defence sector it is very difficult to improve linkedIn profile because you cannot directly tell the projects, due to specific reasons. You only can tell stories and some technical content that might help other people.
    2. Everyone might not be into LinkedIn. I know may of my colleagues who prefer using other social networking apps than linkedIn.
    I think its the skill of the employee, how he leverages this platform, without hurting any HR policies given by companies. Yes i understand employeers should help them but have you asked for the help?

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani Sir I completely agree with you, but I think if a company try to build all their employee’s linkedIn profile just for the corporate visibility, it would be selfish. According to me a better strategy would be proactively managers/employeers having a one to one discussion with their employees and asking them what are their goals and what do they expect from the company.

  10. Good one! Dr Aniruddha Malpani
    But I Doubt any company would do so because there won’t be much for company.
    As this would be an individual profile which may be used to showcase skills to a different company.
    I believe Sirf LinkedIn company hi aisa kr skti h.. Baaki to koi b company nai karegi

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