Bad doctors get offended when a patient asks them questions. …

Bad doctors get offended when a patient asks them questions. They feel their authority is being challenged, and treat this as an insult. Good doctors encourage patients to ask questions, because they know that engaged patients heal more quickly. The best doctors answer patient’s questions proactively on their website. They are generous, and happy to share their wisdom with the world! ,

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  1. In my experience, it’s also doctors with large egos and less patience (maybe because of a long line of patients) that don’t want to answer the patient’s queries. A good junior support doctor helps if lines are long, but usually they are not very good – they are subdued, not confident, not trained in good practices of patient interaction, maybe scared of the main doctor- leading to an incomplete experience for the patient.
    Ofcourse about the large egos, the max you can do as a patient is not feed it by not going to them again!

  2. Beg to differ Sir…
    I have seen old timers too getting very irritated on answering queries of patient and that’s primarily because they have not been used to it… In the last 5 years more and more people are googling around I guess….

  3. Once I asked a pediatrician about a problem if there is a first aid or home remedy in case of emergency, he replied- ” I haven’t studied home remedies in my Degree. Once I study I’ll let you know !”
    Stunned by the reply.
    I guess that was the reason he had very few patients as compared to other doctors in the same OPD.

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani There needs to be a system to report such doctors to IMA, etc. They enjoy privileges like the Honorable Court Judges. And that needs to change in present scenario

  4. Sir, I would still not agree, because I personally know some very senior doctors and surgeon who do not quite like the idea of lengthy discussion with the patients over his/ her ailment.
    That is also due to the fact that them being very busy do not give them ample time to discuss the case for too long thus have never developed the habit.
    Plus clinical outcomes define a doctor isn’t it….

  5. I quite agree with you Dr. Malpani. Governmet of India issued a directives on delivering four key messages to mother after vaccination because huge drop out rate shown from DPT 1 and DPT 3 vaccination. I’d never observed to any ANM to counsel to mothers after vaccination on those 4 key messages.

    1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani I wholeheartedly agree. I think professional bodies like Indian Medical Association, Bar Council, CA etc. should be there for all professions – It’s a system that works demonstrably

  6. Agreed on your points! The issue with traditional American healthcare system is that it actually discourages patients from asking questions outside of the small and immediate scope of the visit, else incur additional charges for higher level appointments or dual services. This makes us very hard for the patient to navigate which questions are ok and which aren’t, so most stay quiet.

  7. bad doctors, when they are not pressed for time, become the good, patient doctors and engage with patients to build awareness. good doctors, on a day they’re pressed for time, become impatient bad doctors and try to dismiss the patient quickly.
    we can also substitute the “doctors” with an X and later assign any value to X – be it engineer, government worker, accountant, attorneys (particularly attorneys), even hourly paid consultants.
    the only way to escape this conundrum is to be a personal friend of that X, and let the relationship override the X’s personal constraints just for you, without having to solve the whole world’s problems 🙂
    building mutual respect 🙂

  8. I disagree, most of my relatives are doctors and they dont answer patients who have browsed wikipedia and come to the clinic, they have reputation as best in town doctors.

  9. well how about those category who do not even listen what we are saying and only write prescription and ring bell..I have seen huge queue for these doctors also..

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