Appreciation goes a long way in improving the care you …

Appreciation goes a long way in improving the care you get from your doctor! ,

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  1. Sir, I think your next big investment should be to support the medical excellence of doctors and nurses by providing them exemplary systems that can reduce their burden and improve operational efficiency that bring to the profession the respect it deserves.

    1. Repair an engine while it has to run (By Pass Surgery) and Create a motor out of the other (having a mother deliver he baby). Engineering is no way close to what doctors do. Its apple vs oranges.

  2. Yes, there are still some doctors who care for lives of others. But there are many who only care for money, their nursing home, own business. 🙁 But salute to those doctors mentioned in the post who care for us and our lives.

  3. Doctors are an over-worked, under-paid lot. Coming from engineering, I feel really, really sad for them. The number of years they spend studying, the hours they put in through out their work life, the quality of life they have (holidays, what holidays?) and the perennial career/business uncertainties most of them have to live with, so unfair.

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